52 More Scrapbooking Challenges - Layouts

I recently reviewed the book 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges for Craft Critique (you can find my article here). I had so much fun with the two challenges I wrote about, that I decided to continue with each challenge, and eventually complete all 52. I then thought it would be great to have a place solely dedicated to the challenges and my progress with pictures of the layouts. I'll update each challenge once I complete it!

Inspired By...

1. Get inspired by an outfit

2. Draw inspiration from media

3. Lift a design idea from a home-decor item

4. Let a song lyric inspire a layout (Blog post here)

5. Find inspiration in a print design

Take a Number

6. Use a specific time as your layout's title

7. Celebrate the number seven

8. Use all 26 letters of the alphabet

9. Create an itemized list

10. Finish a page in 30 minutes (Blog post here)

11. Finish a page in 45 minutes (Blog post here)

12. Finish a page in 60 minutes (Blog post here)

Design and Color

13. Combine black and white and color

14. Play around with circles

15. Stick to a single color

16. Use the shape of your journaling as a design element

17. Tilt your design on an angle (Blog post here)

18. Go fishing for complements (complementary colors) (Blog post here)

19. Incorporate 10 or more photos on a layout
20. Use a grid as the basis for a page design (Blog post here)

Use Your Stash

21. Design your own paper pieced accent

22. Come up with a new use for ribbon (Blog post here)

23. Pair older product with new finds for a fresh look

24. Use products from a blind grab into your stash

25. Use a page protector as part of your design

26. Incorporate product packaging on a page
(Bits of my Heart post here)
(10 Things I Love post here)

Around the House

27. Add commercial print items to a page

28. Include a note or greeting card

29. Make use of fabric scraps in your scrapbooking

30. Stamp with something other than a stamp

31. Incorporate book pages or sheet music on a layout (Blog post here)

32. Design a layout using children's artwork

33. Include memorabilia

34. Use something random from around the house (Blog post here)


35. Formulate a quiz

36. Base a layout on a memory

37.  Include your journaling within your title

38. Play favorites or explore unique qualities (Blog post here)

39. Format your journaling as a Mad Lib

40. Represent multiple perspectives


41. Use shape die cuts creatively

42.  Build your own page embellishments

43. Sew on your page in an innovative way

44. Take transparencies to a new level

45. Get yourself inked

46. Embrace a sticky situation

Photo Fun

47. Highlight - don't hide - an imperfect shot (Blog post here)

48. Write or stamp directly on a photo

49. Use old photos of people at the same age

50. Arrange your photos in a visual triangle

51. Make a photo the base of your layout

52. Take photos of a collection