Monday, May 31, 2010


Today I get to share one of my most favorite layouts EVER. Not because of the layout itself, but because of the photo and what it and the journaling represent. I got my June Commit 2 Paper kit on Friday along with some of the past kits I ordered. (Which btw the sale ends TODAY so order now if you were thinking about it!) I was so excited to get this kit since I knew I wanted to use this line for a ton of wrestling layouts. This layout uses the February 2009 kit.

Brady had a match that was just crazy. It was an emotional roller coaster and we were thrilled when he won his match. This was taken seconds after the match and at first I was so upset that it was out of focus and blurry. I kept looking at it though. It was one of those pictures that just jumped out at me everytime I looked at wrestling pictures. It finally hit me one day that this picture was perfect exactly how it was, and here's why... (this is the journaling on the layout)

This is exactly how I will always recall this moment, including the blur and fuziness. This was seconds after you won a very tough match, and we couldn't have been prouder of you. You came back from an illegal suplex that knocked the wind out of you and shook you up. You never gave up though, and this triumphant moment was so exhilarating to watch. I was sad at first that I hadn't gotten a clearer shot, but really, this picture is how I will always remember that moment...with tears in my eyes and pride in my heart. April 2010

So the gears in my mind were working and thinking about this photo. I'd already sketched out my idea in a notebook, had the title picked out, and had a basic idea of the journaling. Then one night as I was flipping through the pages of my 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges book, I shrieked with delight (scared the dogs and Jake to death I'm sure!) as I realized one of the challenges was about imperfect photos!

So this page fits the requirement for Challenge #47. Highlight - don't hide - an imperfect shot. I'm so excited to finally see this idea on paper, and I choke up everytime I read the journaling, haha. I'm such a baby. ;) Hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend!


Della said...

It appears to me that everything around Brady is blurred. He isn't blurry and this really makes him stand out in all his triumphant glory!

Barb's Boys said...

What an awesome page and yes, the journaling brings tears to my eyes too! So, so sweet! And I agree, the background looks a little blurry buy Brady doesn't.

I debated whether or not to buy this pack from commit2paper (can't wait for my order to get here!) Guess what, just looked back at my order, and I did buy it. LOL Yay!!! Now I'm even more excited for my order to get here!

Laci_L said...

Yeah that made me tear up! I miss you all so much!

Ladybug Designs said...

Barb you are cute.

Kandi-I love the layout.

Barb's Boys said...

So, bummer, I got my order and she must have run out of Feb. 09 and sent March 09 instead...sigh. I could tell on the order slip that Feb. was marked through and March put in its place...oh well, got lots of summer paper now. I was so excited after seeing this cute page you did for Brady!