Thursday, February 23, 2012


This may seem a little odd since we are getting closer to Spring each day, but since it’s been snowy I figured now was as good a time as any to share a Christmas themed layout!

Now, before I share these pages I have to admit that I have my fair share of weird quirks and/or mannerisms, and I often hold my self accountable for things that probably no one else cares about. ;) Once of those things is the way my thought process works on scrapbooking. See, I make each kid a book, and typically I try to do the same or very similar pages in their books. One, it’s easier because all the materials are there and I just cut and do things in two’s and two….well it’s easier, really. ;)

Sometimes though I change it up and will do different layouts for the same photos, but mainly I do the same layout with the same product, maybe only varying the colors. In this case I just varied a couple colors to put these together.

Both pages use die cuts and papers from Crate Paper, and the title was cut out on my Cricut. For Brady’s layout I used blue and orange, and for Gwynie’s I used purple and pink.

It’s such an easy way for me to get pages done for each kid and I love how fast it goes once the idea is already there!

I’m stuck on some pages now because I have several holidays worth of Halloween, Christmas and Easter to scrapbook, but I’m not feeling super inspired by those pictures/events right now, ha. Hopefully some “holiday mojo” comes my way so I can get those done!

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