Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Wait

Surprise, another layout! ;)

This was for another challenge on Soul Scrappers. What has been great for me on my layouts that I’ve been working on recently, is that the idea or products are already there, I just needed the push/motivation to get it done. Enter this challenge and a page I’ve had in mind for almost a year is now done!

The EIC6 challenge was to incorporate black and white with any shade of blue. Since those are the Stallion/Peak wrestling colors this worked out perfectly!

I had told Jake my idea for this page and he said it should be easy to get the info together, but for me the hardest part was getting all the stats. ;) Luckily, Brady has a wrestling profile (when you register for tournaments it logs/records all of that) so I was able to figure it out fairly quickly, yay!

Brady puts in so much effort and energy into this sport and I’m so proud of his commitment, dedication and work ethic. Honestly though, the waiting is the worst! We can wait hours between matches some days and have spent 8+ hours at some tournaments on a Saturday. For wrestling up to 6 minutes per match and for only 6ish matches at a tournament that’s a lot of down time!

I hope he looks back on this and remembers his first year wrestling with fond memories!

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