Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some recent pubs

I realized the other day that I hadn’t shared some cards that I’ve had published over the past few months.

I guess looking back at all of these cards I used some of my all-time favorites stamps, ha! :) One fun thing too, is a couple cards use background stamps which are currently ON SALE all month long at Skipping Stones Design this month! Each background stamp set is on sale for $12.49!

This card was published in Paper Crafts Card Creations 9 and was my first PC pub. I have been such a slacker since then to submit, but it is a fun process. I go in submitting spurts, and when I do submit I am genuinely thankful for that acceptance email. :)

This was the first card I made with and I fell in love with the set!

CARDS published this one in their Create:Stamping issue.

This combines three SSD sets - Dandelion Dreams for the flowers (this set gets a lot of use, I love it!), Grunge for the wood grain background, and Healing Wings for the sentiment.

These have all been published in CARDS magazine as well.


Thanks sew much

Another of my favorites, Stitched Stamps!


More Dandelion Dreams, I can’t get enough of the silhouettes.

The only stamping on this was the background and it’s from Timeless Textures, again another of my favorites!

Make sure to check out the background stamps at SSD, or give the gift of an SSD Gift Card this holiday season!

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Wendy said...

I have seen all your creation in the magazines and I am sooo proud of you. Great job Kandi!!! Keep up the good work!! You have a timeless style.