Sunday, December 4, 2011

Scrapbook Slacker

True Confession Time…I have been a “scrapbooking slacker” this year.

Feel free to scroll past my long diatribe to get to the layouts ;)

A couple years ago I tallied over 80 layouts made, and this year I’ve made three. Yes, three whole pages. I even set myself a goal to work through the rest of the 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges this year and utterly bombed that because I haven’t done a single one.  Recently though I’ve been giving some thought as to why I haven’t scrapbooked. It boils down to a few things.

  1. I feel overwhelmed by how many pictures I have to get in my kids' scrapbooks. (They each have one per year.) I still have to develop so many pictures and I’ll see an even higher stack of photos to scrapbook. Crazy.
  2. Creating a card takes less than 15-30 minutes in most cases. A layout for me is twice as long or more, and then times that by two kids. Ugh.
  3. I am a simple scrapbooker. My layouts are purely for the family, but I feel like they should be so super good and complex and full of fun and trendy techniques and they are not. Lame.
  4. I lost the joy in it. Sad.

So with all that, I let myself be bothered by it, but I felt unmotivated and didn’t want to make the effort. Weird though as scrapbooking was what first got me into this whole papercrafting thing and the cards came much later. The turning point for me this past week was looking through some layouts I did last year. I had the “scrapbooking bug” and did a lot of layouts, and I thought they were some of my best pages. I had a blast making them and felt that joy all over again.

That was an entirely too long lead up, but it’s been on my mind and I appreciate you even more if you stuck with me through all of that. ;)

In order to “get back to it” I went into safe territory with this group of layouts to get things started. Every year (since Gwynie was in 2nd grade) I scrapbook the kids school photo along with their class photo. This is as simple as it gets because I try to keep it fairly consistent from year to year. Nothing fancy or spectacular. I also have them write their favorite things during that year. It is so fun to see some things stay the same, but to see changes and especially in their handwriting!

Getting caught up, Gwynie’s 6th grade followed by 7th.

The close-up of her favorite things. This was a little hard as this year she’s switched her “A’s” so kept wanting to do the new A. My fault for not getting her to write this out sooner. ;) Also, she spelled “Katy” right on her practice page but added an extra “t” this time, haha.

I used the About a Girl collection by Fancy Pants for both pages and added in some vinyl thickers accents and a few odds and ends.

7th grade, and I’ll have her add the journaling as she gets more into the school year. More About a Girl, but this was a  transparency that I just put over white cardstock. The chipboard accents are Basic Grey that I added bling to (lots and lots of bling) and also added to the transparency. Also, first year she won’t have the class picture since they’ll get year books! :)

Just for fun, I put together this little grouping of Gwynie’s 3rd-7th grade layouts.

3rd Grade4th Grade








I realized I was super behind for Brady though since I had only done Kindergarten, and he started 3rd grade this year. Oops. Again, that motivation was lacking. When we did his handwriting for 1st grade I asked him to write as sloppy as possible and not worry about mistakes. ;)

I had purchased some of the Boyfriend collection by Cosmo Cricket forever ago and had been saving it specifically for these pics. Glad I am finally using it. ;) The little airplanes were from an American Crafts pack, and brads are SU.

He took the “make mistakes” literally and purposely did squiggly “z’s” and a backwards “p” on  pizza. He cracks me up. ;) PS – do you know how much I had to bribe these two to do this?? Before they’ve been pretty good about it, but this time they were so not about to help Mom scrapbook. ;)

Moving onto 2nd grade.

Same thing, I told Brady to be loose in his writing. I usually like to wait until the school year ends anyways so I really capture their handwriting at the time so now I’ll just wait a bit to get 3rd grade done.

The papers and embellishments were from a Crate Paper pack I bought awhile ago and the splotches were a random find in a bin at a craft store that I picked up in Florida last year.

Here is his close up of his favorite things and his handwriting. The thing that cracks me up the most is his special “S” because I remember doing those when I was in middle school, hahaha. ;)

Now for fun, here is Brady’s sequence, but I’ll have to add in his 3rd grade later once I start/get that one done. I wish I would have done this for Gwynie all the way through, but at least she is only missing Kindergarten and 1st grade.









It was really fun working on these pages and seeing them completed! :) I have a few more I’ve been working on that I share later this week!

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gssfam said...

What a GREAT idea! My oldest one just started kindergarten this year....I want to do this, her school pic with her list of favorite things. How neat will that be to go back on when she is older....I will need a seperate scrapbook just for these!