Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Golf Cart

Jake will probably kill me later for sharing this (I kid, I kid) but it’s too good and scrapbook worthy to not document for generations to come. ;) Actually, he will probably laugh when he sees this and will just shake his head. True story.

Like most of the layouts I’ll be sharing soon, I’ve had the paper and embellishments all ready and waiting for me to just sit down and put together the page. This was no different, and it was a breeze to whip up with the Sketch Thursdays 12-1 sketch. I kept it super simple to let the story shine through.

The journaling reads:

Jake took Brady with him to a golf tournament for work and the day started out great, or so it seemed. On the first hole Jake pushed the gas on the cart, but Brady wasn’t hanging on. When the burst of speed hit B fell out of the cart, but Jake had no idea! He thought everyone waving and yelling at him were just being super friendly! B was fine, but told everyone what his Dad had done and told Jake “Don’t let me fall out again!” Jake will never live down the “Golf Cart Incident!”

Here’s the sketch!



gssfam said...

You have been a scrappin fool lately! You have me all inspired to get busy.....I have been busy making stuff for other people and working on my december daily.....hmmm...may have to whip some stuff out today!

Barb's Boys Inspired said...

What a cute, cute page and unforgettable story Kandi! And I still love your handwriting!

Della said...

He must be following in his mothers foot least he didn't get ran over by the golf cart like some people I know (wink)

Diana Fisher said...

Great job with the sketch! Love the golfing pics! :)