Monday, October 3, 2011

Project 365– September

I’m still in shock that September is over and it’s already October!

September was a busy month but looking through these I don’t know if you could really tell. Just so I can remember later, the things that kept us busy were of course football and softball with practices and games. We went to Vegas, had puppy school once a week, and Jake’s been taking a prep class once a week at the U for an upcoming IT/Networking certification and that was all in between the sports stuff. Jake and I have also been working a bit more as our company is growing. This is fantastic, but means that we’ve all had to step up our game to meet goals and deadlines. :) I love it all though and I couldn’t imagine not doing the things we do every day!



9/1 – A treat for the Recruiting team! After lots of hard work and a lot of people hired we were rewarded with a trip to The Melting Pot! I loved it after going there for our anniversary dinner and was so excited to go back! Everything there is so incredible and I can’t wait to bring the kids for dessert!



9/2 – A going away gift from my boss Chris! Sweet Nikes in CLEARLINK blue! We will miss your coffee loving ways, your wit, and the way you open our office door. ;)



9/3 – Loved this shot and have loved watching Brady play. He absolutely loves football and gives it his all every practice and game.



9/4 – A camping trip with some friends over Labor Day weekend! We went to Pineview Reservoir and on Sunday the boys hit the general store. ;) Eden – Where everybody knows your name! Three things I will remember from this trip – 1. Ryker’s new nickname 2. Ed’s ticket on the jet ski 3. “Is this Nick Jonas?” “Yeah I think it is!”



9/5 – Oh these two! Out of all the other kids they could have sat by for a quick breakfast they choose to sit by each other. Reminds me of their morning breakfast routine. :)



9/6 – Poor Ryker. ;) He is so tolerant when we are playing with him and didn’t mind when Jake folded his ears back. It didn’t last very long and he shook them out after a bit but he’s such a good boy!



9/7 – Ryker loves to stick his head out the window anytime we are in the car! We do this every time we leave his puppy training class. We love this silly puppy!


9/8 – Parent teacher conference for Brady. They had to write and draw things they like.

I like music. I like rock and roll. I like sports. I like to play football, wrestling. I’m creative I like to draw semis, cars and “roller coasters”.


9/9 – I have THE best co-workers and my office mate Tracy is the sweetest! She brought cupcakes for our boss Chris’ last day and even got me a cupcake! It was a strawberry shortcake and was seriously one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten. Can’t wait for the new Sweet Tooth Fairy to be built closer to my house! :)



9/10 – I didn’t realize until after taking this picture that is was MY BRADY that made that tackle, ha! I just try to get a bunch of pics of the boys (and more emphasis on Brady of course) for the end of year banquet. I was bummed someone’s shorts clipped the side, but I was still really excited to see this!



9/11 – We took Ryker to the dog park for the first time today. He had a blast and was exhausted by the time we got home! He didn’t want to play fetch, but just wanted to RUN with every other dog there. He was really well behaved and was very social with other dogs so we feel good about taking him to a bigger park.



9/12 – Congrats Troy and Jillian! Brady and Gwynie drew a picture for them in May of them getting married and they said they’ve framed it. :) We’re so excited for you two and are so happy to see you so blissfully in love!



9/13 -  I had been told I was invited to Vegas, but got my “official invitation” today! CLEARLINK definitely knows how to roll in Vegas! Hotel room at the Palazzo, VIP at Lavo and tickets to the Cirque de Soliel O Show were all ahead of us!

9/14 – Graduation day! I was a little worried but Ryker passed with flying colors! I was so impressed with him and gushed and praised him for his excellent behavior and training! :)


9/15 – Softball officially started…with a phone call the day before saying she had a game and their team didn’t have a coach. Within 10 minutes of game time they had a coach and the girls all selected positions. They ended up winning 2-0 and it seems like they have some great players! Now to get her some yellow socks and new cleats since she grew like crazy over the summer.



9/16 – Delivering headphones for our incentive referral program at work! Everyone is always excited to see us! :)



9/17 – Today marked both softball and football games! Luckily they were awhile apart so I was able to go to Gwynie’s softball game and then we both made it to Brady’s football game with time to spare! Their team won 14-0!


9/18 – Poor Brady! ;) We went to Iggy’s for lunch and Jake and Gwynie kept teasing Brady by interrupting him as he was trying to tell a story. It was sad and funny all at the same time, and this was the face he pulled.


9/19 – Gwynie’s school pictures….wow. I cannot believe how grown up she looks!


9/20 – Brady really wants “liberty spikes” in his hair with his mohawk so I was able to do this and he loved it!


9/21 – New shoes and a pedicure before going to Vegas!


9/22 – Running in to score! This league they cannot steal home so every run has to be batted in. It forces them to make hits versus scoring on errors.


9/23 – First night in Vegas baby! We had a company meeting, then dinner and then VIP access at Lavo. Fabulous night!


9/24 – So I will confess to hardly taking any pictures in Vegas (shocker I know)! I did spy this and HAD to take a picture of it! It’s a giant shoe built with hangers! I was so blown away.


9/25 – I always love seeing this fountain! I’ve seen it with a summer/butterfly theme, a Christmas/snow/pinecone/poinsettia theme and now an Autumn/fall/wine/harvest theme! It was so gorgeous and took my breath away!


9/26 – I dropped Gwynie off at softball practice and headed to the mall since it’s only a few minutes down the street. I scored four tops for just under $40 on clearance. The receipt said I had saved $74, talk about a score!


9/27 – Jake and I planned a spaghetti dinner for the football players. Brady and LJ are two of the littlest guys on the team but both are crazy intense! :) These guys crack me up!


9/28 – Finalizing a presentation that I’d be doing at the University of Utah the following day on resumes, the job search and LinkedIn.


9/29 – Flat tire, ugh! Luckily I noticed it as soon as I pulled out of the garage and even luckier Jake was able to come and change it for me. ;) I’m a little spoiled but he’d rather do it than have me worry about it.


9/30 – BINGO! A new game we’ve been playing the car. Anytime you see a yellow car you shout Bingo. The object is to get five Bingo’s to be the winner, but as we’re a highly competitive family it tends to get heated and we abandon the game within minutes. We’ve gotten better though so now we can play without yelling and arguing about who saw it first. ;)

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