Thursday, September 8, 2011

Project 365–August

Once again I find myself a full month behind on posting my 365 pictures! Taking them is definitely easier than posting them all, ha!

August seemed to race by and I’m still stunned it’s September! Definitely going to set some time aside this weekend to play some catch up around here!


8/1 – Football try-outs! This would begin a long month of practices and gives me a small glimpse into the future.

8/2 – This is our fish, Fin. Or Finn, or Phineas (Phineas and Ferb anyone?) depending on which family member you ask. Fin is a beta that we received during the one year memorial service for my besties husband. Mel had these as centerpieces and she had everyone take home a fish that evening. I always think of her when I’m feeding the fish or just watching him swim around. Love that girl and I’m so proud of her for all she’s done in this year.


8/3 – This cracks me up! Brady in the red jersey (Jake’s old hs one!) is chest bumping with his best friend Taylor after they got done doing a tackle drill. These boys are too funny!


8/4 – Ryker loves hanging out with Gwynie during her summer break! He loves to wake her up in the morning and then hang out with her during the day. She wasn’t too thrilled about the wake up call this morning!


8/5 – Jake and I had a Friday afternoon lunch date to spend some time together. We went to Café Trio and had this incredible appetizer. It’s the Rosemary Flatbread with goat cheese, roasted peppers, caramelized onions and tomatoes. Delish!


8/6 – Poor Brady got a bee sting and even though we removed the stinger his hand was still swollen for a day or two. It didn’t seem to bother him and while the picture doesn’t depict the true case his hand was so puffy and fat it made us laugh. ;)


8/7 – I’d received a box of stamp goodies but in the rush of Fri/Sat I’d taken it down to my craft room and had them forgotten to open it until Sunday! I never do that, ha! Inside was two copies of a magazine I’d had a published card in, and some fun supplies!


8/8 – Oh the Legos! This is not even a third of Gwynie’s Legos! She loves to build random things and I love to see that creative spark. Dumping them all out is the only way to find that perfect piece, right?


8/9 – Just a cool shot of the moon out while watching Brady’s football practice. It has always been so fascinating to me that you can see the moon when it’s still light outside…love it!

8/10 – Ryker’s first puppy class at PetSmart! As you can see he’s still adjusting to the whole leash idea and spent the first half of class barking at every dog when he NEVER barks. I was a little surprised to say the least…We worked on sit, “watch me” and clicking and rewarding when they do something right. Really hoping the next 6 weeks go well!


8/11 – My pretty little puppy. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and I love watching him.

8/12 – Look at this kid! My sweet little baby is a tough quarterback! He feels super tough in his skull bandana!


8/13 – Hanging with my bestie Brooke for a little dinner and drinks! It was so good to catch up and just talk. I love summer nights like this! Kristoph’s is a great place for martini’s! Best drink of the night is the one pictured, the Flirtini!


8/14 – Making a little video for Jake for our 10 year wedding anniversary!


8/15 – Little Gwynie, the drama queen! She had to get four shots to go into junior high so it was a trip to the doctor’s office for us and this was the before shot. You would have thought she was having a black market kidney removed the way she acted when they brought the shots out! She bawled and cried and cracked me up…ha! I didn’t dare take a pic of her crying during the actual shots!

8/16 – Happy 10 year anniversary! Jake was so thoughtful with my flowers! I had roses, calla lilies, daisies and sweet peas in my wedding bouquet which he duplicated in this arrangement! They were so beautiful and made my office smell incredible! So thankful to have such an incredible husband! Here’s to the next 50!

8/17 – Registration day at the junior high! The day that seriously tried my patience, too! I had left my checkbook at the house and they didn’t accept debit cards so I had to run back home. They were repaving our roads so I had to park and walk a few blocks back to my house to get my checkbook to then go back to the school to finish up. Finally got her schedule and locker (after another ordeal, ahhh!) and had a happy little camper all ready to start school. She may be ready but I am so not ready to have a 7th grader!!

8/18 – Organizing and de-cluttering is like therapy for my soul. I love to get rid of things that are taking up/wasting space or aren’t necessary, etc. It just feels good to toss stuff like that! Imagine my surprise when I found some super old coloring books that I was ready to toss. I figured out I colored this page around 2004…that feels like a lifetime ago, ha!


8/19 – Jake took Gwynie to Orientation so she could get to know the school and find all her classes on the first day. They have a split A/B day schedule (this is soooo foreign to me!) and the school has 1250 kids (7th-9th) enrolled for this year so it was important that she could navigate it all. She had a great time!


8/20 – Anniversary dinner! Jake and I went to The Melting Pot for dinner, our first time ever there. It was incredible and I know we’ll be back. I could go on and on about the food, but what I loved most was a long and leisurely dinner with my cute husband. No interruptions, no distractions…just us. And a big pot of cheese, that too was really nice. ;)

8/21 – Last minute school shopping! We hit all her favorite stores…Aero, Old Navy, Rue 21…and a couple others. At the end of it all she ended up with four pairs of jeans, a pair of shorts, 8 shirts and a cute pair of black flats all for about $150. There were some great sales going on!

8/22 – FIRST DAY OF JUNIOR HIGH!!!!! Ahhh just typing that freaks me out! I can’t believe she is really in 7th grade. She was “asked out” by three different boys in three of her different classes the first day. I am scared. This girl is too cute for her own good. PS – Check out her little self…she is 12 and still wearing size 10 jeans and shirts…ahhahaha she kills me!


8/23 – Hanging out up at the U! (The University of Utah that is!) School is back in session and the Recruiting team and coaches spent today and the following day doing a tent for Welcome Week and then a job fair. This was supposed to be a funny pose, but I think we missed the mark, haha.


8/24 – During puppy class our trainer’s brother brought a little chameleon  to class. He’d just purchased it at a local pet store and wanted to show it to her. It was itty bitty but super chubby! It was too cute!

8/25 – Brady got the decals for his helmet today and also a badge for me to wear to his games. It has his picture on the front, and on the back has all the kids on his team with their names and numbers so we know who to yell for on the field during the games. He was so excited, but always pulls this serious face when we’re doing any football pics.


8/26 – Ok, the ONE football pic where he’s not serious because he was ECSTATIC that they got their jerseys today! They’d been sent off to be embroidered and he was so happy to show me HIS jersey! :)


8/27 – First football game, but technically not. This was a fundraiser game for the teams. They lost but still had so much fun! This is the beginning of the game with the coaches and team captains for the coin toss.  Notice Jake and Brady standing together? ;)



8/28 – When working down in my craft room the cat and dog usually decide to join me at some point during the day. Today they finally seemed to be getting along but maybe because they were just tired. ;)

8/29 – My cheater’s dinner – open can of chow mein mix, heat up and server over noodles, ha! So weird to see the noodles in a can I remember growing up when they came in a bag. It took me a few minutes at the store trying to find the noodles!


8/30 – Happy belated Father’s Day Jake! Jake finally got his Boston Red Sox B! Not only is this for Boston, but also for our B, Brady! It is really (very) large to me, but honestly he has such huge calves from all his sports so in person it does fit and look right on his leg. He loves it though so that’s all that matters to me. :)


8/31 – Jake’s badge for football (sooo serious what is up with that?!). He was just going to be a helpful parent for practices, but was asked by the league president to help coach Brady’s team and to get badged so he could be on the field. We love our busy lives, we love our busy lives, we love our busy lives…. ;)


Della said...

Wow! This post is chock full of goodness! I seriously don't know where to begin... The pics of the kids (and you and Jake, too) are awesome! Nice to see your cute faces. Miss Jr High will be in High School before you know it! How did she grow up so fast???
Your (OUR) little quarter back will be in Jr High before you know it! Sure do miss you all!
LOVE Jake's tat!

wendyp said...

are you sure you didn't sneak in and snap a photo of the lego's on my living room floor last month? LOL! One of my goals this summer was to get the DSs lego's more sorted and organized. Got tired of DS asking me to build something with him and I couldn't find anything.

Happy Belated Anniversary!

Helen Dooley said...

I love this. It brought back memories of my son being in peewee league. Your family looks like a lot of fun. Love your Husky-Petey- we have a red one.They are such great dogs. no cat though- he would eat it. lol My 15 yr old son likes legos too.