Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tips and Tricks Thursday–Shaped Cards!

Hi everyone! Today is my turn to share a few tips and tricks using Skipping Stones Design stamps! There have been some great techniques shared recently so I thought I would just share a few tips this time around featuring something I don’t often create – Shaped Cards!

Shaped cards seemed daunting to me at first. How to make it the correct size, how to perfectly cut out intricate details, how to decorate it once I’ve cut out the shape are all questions I’ve pondered. So, for anyone that is ready take that dive into shaped cards, here are a few tips for success!

1. Determine your shape and how to execute it. Electronic die cutting machines like a Cricut or Silhouette quickly and easily make that shape, or templates and even free handing can help get the shape you’re looking for.

2. Can’t get the right size? Mount a smaller card base on the back and align your shape over top. Your card will stand up, but will be prominently a shaped card.

3. Attach two shapes together with a brad in the top or sides to create a “swivel” to reveal the writing inside and add an interactive element.

4. Always practice with inexpensive cardstock before cutting so you don’t waste the good cardstock on trials.

5. Once you have a great shape, save the template and measurements! This way the guess work is all taken out and you can easily recreate that cute stroller, pumpkin or coffee cup card!


Coffee Cup

For this card I used my Gypsy to weld two cups together to create the shape. Once it was cut out it was super quick to embellish with a few of the stamps from Coffee Vol 1 and tuck a little gift card on the inside.

Coffee Cup Inside

Here’s a peek at the inside! I know a few friends and co-workers that would love to get this!

Are you inspired to create a shaped card today?!  I’d love to see it!


PS – Today is my amazing Momma’s birthday today! Happy birthday Mom! I love you!

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Wendy said...

ACKKK....this is sooo cute. Love to see you blogging again!! Happy Birthday to your MOM!!!