Monday, August 15, 2011

Project 365–July

Time for more photos! Whew! I will be glad when I’m caught up again, haha! It is a lot more work to do it all at once vs. just once a week…I have learned my lesson. ;)

Here is July!


7/1 - 2nd annual 4th of July weekend trip to Manti, UT! We had a giant blow up screen so the kids could watch movies and we could play Dance Central! Talk about a blast!


7/2 - Yummmm....pig for dinner! Muchas gracias to Ed Cable for preparing this feast. I still dream about that pig...



7/3 - It's a rare sight, but I sort of have nails in this photo. All clean after a weekend camping and I'm somewhat impressed that I'm not "eating" my nails as Gwynie calls it.


7/4 - Lamest 4th of July photo ever, ha. We were all so beat and we'd already had our fireworks show in Manti so we just watched them from our front window.

7/5 - Gwynie's leaving on a jet plane! Ok not really, just a three day camping trip with school to Millhollow! She had a blast and loved it!


7/6 - We welcomed a new addition to the family! After much debate (and pleading by Brady) we bought Ryker, a 3 month old Siberian Husky.

7/7 - Roxy does not like Ryker. She spends the majority of her day on top of the cabinets when he is around.


7/8 - Gwynie's home from camp and is exhausted! Looks like Ryker was ready to get to know her and spend some quality snuggle time together.


7/9 - Went to my friend Sharon's for a bbq and introduced Ryker to Sadie. They will be best friends too! ;)


7/10 - Ryker lays on the floor when drinking his water. Not sure why, but it cracks us up every single time!

7/11 - My sushi making class! I was named the best roller/sushi maker in class it was so cool! Loved eating what I made after too!


7/12 - Making brownies with the kids! They love to help mix it all up and then eating it is even better!


7/13 - Was a little freaked out by this but of course had to grab my camera. Freaky little spider on my hutch...ugh.

7/14 - Brady and Jake use gets the girls. (Just ask Brady)


7/15 - A busy and stressful week for me, but it was all better when I came home Friday to these pretty flowers!

7/16 - Happy birthday Payton! This little girl is the absolute cutest and it has been so fun watching her grow this year!


7/17 - Super hot day so a visit to the pool was in order!


7/18 - My first time wrapping an ankle! Jake said I did a good job as he walked me through the process and that it felt good while he was playing softball.


7/19 - Hmm good thing there are no evil cats in our house!


7/20 - Brady's medals from the past two years. There are a few that need to be added, but it's crazy to look at all of these!


7/21 - Some of Gwynie's favorite Sims games and her Twilight movies. She was watching New Moon so it's not in the group, ha.


7/22 - My friend Sharon took Brady to a motocross event at Rocky Mountain Raceways. He had so much fun!


7/23 - 1 year memorial for Seth McDonald. Love these two girls.


7/24 - Our first trip geocaching! We found five that day, it was a great gamily outing!


7/25 - Some of my browsing history. ;) I have been majorly sucked into Doctor Who and have been watching all the episodes on Netflix.


7/26 - Brady's first day of school!

7/27 - Cleaning out some things in Gwynie's room to send to the DI.


7/28 - Snow cones and a gift certificate for a carwash! Love my job! Thanks CLEARLINK!


7/29 - Some new sheets and comforters for the kids!


7/30 - Opening ceremonies for Corporate Games! Great day and a great start to the games!


7/31 - Jake scored some new beds for the kids and started painting Gwynie's this weekend!

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