Monday, August 8, 2011

Project 365: June

Well….I have not updated my Project 365 since June 5th and that was up through 6/4, oops! I’m now over two months behind in sharing, wow!

I wasn’t sure the best way to share all of these since there are so many, but decided I’ll do all of June now, and July later on this week. :)

(For previous 365 posts, you can click here to view.)



6-5 – What’s better than running through the sprinklers on a hot summers day?!


6-6 – A little snack…Columbia wine and delish strawberries!


6-7 – A team lunch at The Copper Onion. They have the best burgers! I normally don’t order burgers during lunches, but this one was incredible!

6- 8 – This is what happens when your husband the IT guy at work changes your background…funny honey. I’d been on a Jem kick and was watching episodes each night that were DVR’d earlier in the day, fun times.


6-9 – Some days you just have to have two cookies, and today was one of those days. I am a sucker for Subway cookies.

6-10 – Cammie and I tried out a “new to us restaurant” called The Tin Angel. Nice way to finish off my Friday afternoon!


6-11 – CLEARLINK Cares Family Project! Our CEO challenged our CL family to step up and help out others in need. Joey was moving and needed help in this effort so Jake and I went up to help out and had a great time!


6-12 – Taken on my cell phone so not the best, but a humming bird had built it’s nest in my in-laws garage! It was so teeny but so cool looking!


6-13 – Late night softball game at 9:00 pm. Hard to believe there will be games at 10:00…

6-14 – A running joke in our family, Jake signed Gwynie’s school planner and then signed as “Hobo Jones.” I thought it as hilarious because of our joke (but hindsight not the best idea) and Gwynie was mildly chagrined.


6-15 – The building crew was washing all the blinds at work so it was strange to see my office without any blinds!


6-16 – On our way to the Summer Games in Cedar we stopped at this quaint café that had this train system built all the way through it. Brady was in heaven!

6-17 – Both Jake and Brady placed during the first day of Summer Games! Jake took 1st in Greco and Freestyle, and Brady took 1st in Freestyle (no one his age/weight for Greco). It was a great first day!


6-18 – Brady wrestling Folkstyle at the Summer Games. He ended up taking 2nd in his bracket!


6-19 – I felt the urge to be a little domestic and found an easy Peach Cobbler recipe (recipe here) to make for dessert. It was so good al a mode!


6-20 – Brady is fascinated with Tech Decks. He was looking up boards and adding his favorite board to his “collection” which reminded me of Pinterest, ha.


6-21 – Happy birthday to my amazing Gwynie girl! I did a special birthday post for her and still can’t believe she is already 12. We have a tradition that we take the kids out to dinner (or if they choose Jake will make their favorite dinner) on their actual birthday. We’ve had some random choices over the years and this year Gwynie chose a Chinese buffet. She tried sushi for the first time and seemed to like it!


6-22 – Gwynie’s first eyebrow wax. Before anyone freaks out on me (ha) she asked to do this! I will admit to getting mine done and of course she wanted to start getting hers done now too.

6-23 – This cracks me up. Gwynie’s skinny jeans are the length and circumference of my ARMS!! This girl is tiny but this just kills me.


6-24 – A little DIY project with some black spray paint. (More info later!)


6-25 – Gwynie got to invite friends over for a sleep over and we ordered this GIANT pizza! It was huge and I was pretty proud of the girls for eating almost all of it by the following morning.

6-26 – My special plans for Gwynie’s birthday “day” included a MAC make-up session, lunch and pedicures together. We also had our friends over for a party later that night. Here she is post (minimal) make-up. Cannot believe how grown-up she looks!


6-27 – Ha, these guys crack me up. Both kiddos wrapped up in their blankets eating their cereal. Both too comatose to even say a word until they’ve fully woken up.

6-28 – Gwynie asked for French Braids before bed time. It’s been ages since she’s wanted braids so I’m a little rusty. Like at least 4 years rusty…really. Surprised me she wanted them, but she liked them and requested them a few days in a row.

6-29 – Gwynie got to go to Classic Skating for an end of school trip. She got these shades there and calls them her “Lady Gaga” glasses. They are mostly see through from the little screened holes and seem a tad ridiculous but she loves them.


6-30 – Happy Birthday Great Grandma Lee! Grandma turned 74 and we were all there to celebrate!

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