Sunday, June 5, 2011

Project 365: 5/29–6/4

With the holiday on Monday this week seemed to race by! I was also super busy at work which made everything else fly by too, but I love that busyness so it was great! The weather seems to finally be leaning more towards summer weather instead of freezing cold and rain, so that was a nice change of pace this week. :)


5/29 – Shish kabobs for dinner! We always group each veggie/meat stick together to keep everything cooked at the right temperature, etc. There were green and red peppers, pineapples, tomatoes, mushrooms and purple onions. The meat (flank steak) was already on the grill and I love the bright colors from all these beautiful and delicious veggies and fruits!

5/30 – Oh Gwynie… ;) Seriously though, I remember my walls full of teenie bopper posters taken from my tennie bopper magazines so this just cracks me up. Anyone remember Tiger Beat?! ;)


5/31 – You may have already seen this photo on my Cooking Bootcamp post, but I thought it was perfect for my 365 project because it signifies a new experience.


6/1 – I love Post-its. I really do. I use them a ton at work, but also at home and when working on craft projects. I jot down color combo ideas, sketch out cards, and on occasion, ideas for new cards or trends I want to try out. (Not working out so well lately, not enough time in the day!)


6/2 – JR’s last day and he choose to wear a “fun” outfit to work. It’s CLEARLINK, that’s how we roll. ;)


6/3 – New shoes for the kiddos.


6/4 – Now that Memorial Day has passed the drive-in is open! Love, love, love going to the drive-in during the summer! You get two movies and can bring in your own food, snacks and drinks! We watched X-Men and Pirates…both great, but long! It starts at 9:30 pm and the second movie didn’t end until 2:15 am.

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