Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hoping your birthday is as sweet as you!

Today is SSD sketch challenge 81, and is also my daughter’s birthday! I cannot believe she is 12 today!

Before I get to my card, I just wanted to brag up this cute girl. Or rather, tween as she is definitely becoming with an attitude and sass to boot.  ;)

Things I’m not looking forward to: boys, junior high, pre-algebra/geometry (since I’ll have to help her!), puberty, braces…the list goes on and on.

Things I’m looking forward to: ummmmm………………….she can baby-sit! ;)


In honor of her birthday I decided to make my card this week for her. Gwynie’s favorite colors are hot pink and lime green so of course I had to do something similar in color. Here’s the fantastic sketch we have to work with this week!



To create my circle card, I used a circle cutter to cut a white base and folding the top over so when it cut the top intact so it would fold over. A large green circle was cut out to completely cover the base and the folded top. (Hopefully that made sense.)

So with this card….this is what happens when the kids keep disturbing me trying to get my attention and want to hang out with me in my studio, ha. I wanted to mimic a strawberry, but totally flipped the colors and didn’t realize it (duh) until I was almost done making it…hello! The base was supposed to be the Melon Mambo, and the scalloped trim was supposed to be the Old Olive…geesh, kids. ;) All the stamps are from Friendly Fruit.

We’d love to have you join us for our latest sketch challenge! Pop on over to the SSD blog to see what the rest of the DT and our Guests did with this sketch!


And just to indulge myself, I’ve pulled a few pics of Gwynie for her birthday post. She’ll kill me later (it’s that tween thing going on remember?), but for it was fun looking back through these. No baby pics since those are all B/D – before digital – and I’m a little too lazy to scan any of those in right now or go digging for them. Bad mom. ;) But she was the cutest baby ever and I’m so proud of the beautiful lady she’s turning into.


Baby girl, I love you because…..

Picture 700

You love Dad…unconditionally.  And because you’re so stinkin cute shooting your bow with your eyes closed.

Gwynie Long Hair 1

You sought your own independence at the tender age of 4 and told me you were ready to have your hair cut…clear up to your shoulders!

Picture 1024

You love to help out! Whether it’s helping at Great Grandma’s house, doing something for us around the house, or volunteering at school you always make time to help others. You are so compassionate and I hope you continue to keep that heart of gold shiny and new.


You seem to have it all figured out already. I’m concerned that in just two short years you may actually be more mature than I am and smarter than your dad. But we’d never tell you that because we’re the parents and we’re always right. But seriously, I’m worried.



You have the best smile, the funniest laugh and the most perfect little dimple. You and Brady have “twinner” dimples and I am absolutely, utterly and completely smitten when you grin. I love to hear you laugh and occasionally giggle when you’re not trying to be too serious and grown-up. Not looking forward to those braces (blame that small mouth of yours), but you’ll have an even prettier smile once it’s all said and done.


You are the worlds most amazing big sister! Even though Brady gets on your nerves, plays with your things and frustrates you to no end some days, you still make time for him and treat him like your best friend. You help him clean his room, let him hang out in your room and you would do anything for him to make him feel better when he’s sad. You get just as shaky and scared as I do when he’s wrestling and you would beat anyone up that messed with your little brother. You totally love this little dude.


You are such a bookworm! I love that you embraced reading this past year and are reading the YA books I recommend to you. I guess it might be difficult to find age appropriate books for you at your (now) 11th grade reading level, but I’m sure we’ll manage. ;)

You will never remember what it was like to not have a cell phone in the house, much less not having one of your own. You use an iPod and wonder why we ever needed CD’s when I still remember listening to tapes and waiting for the radio to play my favorite song so I could record it onto my blank tape. You are more adept at switching from the DVD player, to the Wii, to the Xbox and back to the tv faster than I can even turn everything on. I’m always asking you to “fix it” when I have no clue what I’m doing when trying to watch a movie. You’ll never know what it was like to take a whole role of film to the store to be developed and only have half of the pictures turn out. Waiting for commercials is torture to you (ok me too), and you’d rather record the episode and watch it later just to skip the commercials (ok me too).


You are such an animal and baby lover.  You have known since you were two years old that you wanted to be a neonatal nurse. You couldn’t quite tell us that, but since you started talking at 7 months, and were carrying on conversations at a year, well you were really good at speaking your mind! So when you would watch the baby stories on TLC and told me you wanted to be the person to “take care of the babies but not the mommies” I knew that it meant something. And still today that is your goal. And I am so proud of you because I know that same determination and stubbornness I have in me will carry you to your goals and beyond.


My Gwynie girl….you came into my life in an unexpected way but I am forever grateful to be your Mother. I am a better person because of you, and I know my life has been so blessed because you were in it. Thank you for showing me the beautiful things in life, and for helping me remember to appreciate the little things.

xoxo - Mom


~amy~ said...

Kandi, whatta SWEET post...your girl sounds absolutely wonderful...she is such a cutie pie {love that family pic!!!}...P.S. LOVE your card too:)

Della said...

Bawling my head off right now. Wonderful post Kandi! Gosh I miss you guys!

Wendy said...

Your card is darling and your post brought tears to my eyes. One day Gwynie will love to go back and see this heartfelt post.

Gladys said...

So so sweet! your gal look so much like u! So pretty! I love the bright color of this card! So pretty!

Scrappychick said...

Your little doll is adorable!! She looks so grown up n some of these pics and such a little girl in others. Total cutie! Your card is fabulous too, she has great taste in colors!

deedoodle said...

Happy Birthday Gwennie! Prefectly written Kandi. You are such a wonderful person and so loving. Your kids are very lucky to have you for their Mom.

Barb's Boys Inspired said...

Such an awesome post Kandi! Gwynie is the sweetest tween I know!