Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cooking Boot Camp

For anyone that’s visited or read my blog often enough you are pretty aware of the fact that I don’t cook. I was so fortunate to find a guy like Jake! Not only does he enjoy cooking, but he’s a great cook as well! For some unknown reason the universe smiled on me the day I met Jake….or it knew that I’d starve to death if there wasn’t someone to feed me so it kindly intervened on my behalf.

Now when I say I don’t cook I mean just that…I don’t cook. I probably could cook if I put my mind to it, and I have done so on rare occasions, but I really don’t enjoy it and get too distracted to focus on cooking. 

So here I am, a mom of two with a husband that will all to soon begin Wrestling season again, and I keep thinking that my kids will be coerced begging to eat Wendy’s (or even McDonald’s) 4 nights a week instead of eating my cooking. (True story). I figured it was about time that I finally paid attention to what Jake’s doing in the kitchen. I’ve asked Jake to put me through “Cooking Boot Camp” so I can cook this Fall/Winter without worry from my kids that they’re being poisoned. (Also a true story).

So, what’s a girl to do during Cooking Boot Camp? Why take pictures and blog it so I can refer back to it later on of course! The simple things like spaghetti, tacos, etc. are things I can do (as long as I pay attention and stay in the kitchen) so I won’t bore you with those; however, anything new he tries, or some things that are a little more in-depth for me (i.e. a skill level 2, ha) I’ll share here.

Not only will it benefit me in the long run, but maybe you’ll get some new ideas for dinners too. It’s a win-win situation, right?! Plus, I’d love for you to share some of your meal ideas and recipes with me Jake so we he can cook and I can photograph! :) I realize this is totally straying from crafts and I won’t mind at all if you just bypass these posts. :)

Ok, that was a super long explanation (and you know I also talk a lot if you’ve been a reader even only for a little while – feel sorry for my family) but now I can start with my “Cooking Boot Camp” experience! :)

This first post was actually from our dinner last night! It’s a really simple and straightforward dinner, but I’ll be honest that’s what I needed to start out with. ;)

Smothered Burritos


- Tortillas, shredded cheese, onions, salsa,guacamole, olives, Verde sauce, refried beans

For the sides we did chips with the guacamole and salsa, and also some Spanish rice.

Prep/cook time: Ummmm maybe 15 minutes? (see problems paying attention in the kitchen but it was really fast)

To prepare:

To begin, heat your refried beans over the stove and prepare the Spanish rice according to package directions.









Dice half a white onion and heat the Verde sauce







For this next step, Jake tossed some tortillas onto a cookie sheet and baked them in a 225 degree oven to warm them up and add a little crispness. After a minute or two flip the tortillas over and leave in for another minute or until warm.






Now you can fill your tortillas up! We layered the refried beans, cheese, onions, Verde sauce, olives and added guac on the side.

You could add salsa over top like I did with my rice on the side.

Or, you could be fancy like Jake and add the Verde sauce (which was a little spicy for me hence why it was only in my burrito) onions and cheese over top. Melt it in the microwave if needed and you’ll really get a smothered burrito!

Ok, well I hope you enjoyed that overly long little post about my new experience in the kitchen watching Jake cook, ha! My One Little Word for the year is experience so this is just another way I’m fulfilling it this year! ;)

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Della said...

Kudos to you Kandi! This is a great way learn to cook. I'm so thankful that Jake can cook, and that after almost 9 years, he's teaching you... er are willing to learn!

I still think that DS game for cooking would be cool for you!