Monday, May 23, 2011

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico–Day 5

Our final day in Mexio! Our flight was leaving at 4:20 pm, and the buses were coming to get us at 1:20. We also needed to check out of our room by noon, so we planned on getting up early and hitting the beach before we got all packed and checked out.


We headed down to the beach around 8:30 and even though there was a little breeze, it was still pleasantly warm and perfect weather.





Around 9:30ish we rotated our chairs around as the sun was coming up over us.


One last long look at the palm trees!


I’m pretty sure Jake feel asleep at some point on the beach, but who can blame him. ;)



At 10:30 we headed back up to the room so we could shower and finish packing. I took a few more photos along the way of the courtyard.


This moment was funny to me so of course I had to pull out my camera! To the left of Jake is his boss Bruce, and the other guy on the end is Jason and these three are all IT guys. At one point they were all on their phones (and Jake had mine) talking about a work issue. Probably doesn’t make sense to anyone else, but I seriously was laughing inside and they probably wondered why in world I pulled my camera out. ;)


Our last pictures from Mexico…..down on the beach. PS – We’re twinners! Gray shorts, white shirts, black flip-flops…we’re cool like that. ;)

After checking out, having lunch and then waiting to board the buses, we went to the airport and waited for our flight. It ended up being delayed so we got home later than planned. I didn’t really take any other pics as we were at the airport, but I snapped a couple to finish off the trip.


My first passport stamp! They didn’t stamp them when we went through customs in Mexico (sadface) so of course I had to document the very first one back in Salt Lake!


The sunset in Utah


Weird seeing snow on the mountains back home when the mountains in PV were bare. ;)

Seeing these two made my heart melt! They had called us on Tuesday night sad and crying because they missed us. Damn near broke my heart right in two to hear them crying, but I kept telling them we would be home soon and that I missed them too. Of course I was really enjoying myself and the time for just Jake and I, but man did I miss these two like crazy!

It felt so great to be home with our little family and to sleep in our own bed, but what an amazing trip! If you’ve made it with me this far then thanks for reading (or browsing the pics) along! We jumped right back into work and kids and life and I’m so glad to have the life I have. Loving every minute of it, and definitely appreciating all that I have. Feeling truly grateful to work for such an amazing company that recognized me and took us on such an incredible experience!

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Della said...

I feel as if I've had my own little tour of PV! Incredible pictures, and wonderful descriptions.

I sure do love you! I'm glad you had such a good time!

It's normal to miss your kids like crazy, I do all the time!