Friday, May 20, 2011

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico–Day 3!

On day three we slept in until 11:00 am! Totally unheard of around our bustling and busy house (even on a lazy Sunday morning) and boy did it feel good! We didn’t have any plans for today so just hung out at the resort and let the good times roll.


After getting up we strolled down to lunch and while eating we spotted this iguana.



He looked pretty big, I just wish we’d been a little closer.


Hanging out at the pool again and wearing the shirts we got on the trip.


Loved these umbrellas!


The resort had several activities for both kids and adults and at 4:00 we had a couple groups meet up at the soccer fields for Futbol!


Then it was back to the pool and I grabbed a drink for each hand. ;) (Mai Tai and Mango Daiquiri)


On our way back up to our room we spotted this little bird we’d seen flitter around the banister for the last couple days. We finally got pictures of him!


He was so tiny and cute, we just loved to watch him flitter about!



Some views from the 6th floor!

The executive teams were taking groups of people out to dinner that night and our night was the following evening, so Jake, Cammie, her husband Ed and I decided we would  go out to dinner on our own that night, however, we ended up seeing the group as they were leaving and got invited to join them.


We went to Pepe’s Tacos a local favorite, and seriously one of the best places I’ve ever eaten! They had a lot of food options, but they just ordered a ton of tacos for everyone.


They would cut the meat and top it off with a slice of pineapple.


Here’s a plate full of tacos for our table!


Then you top it off with a sauce….the top left green was my favorite. It reminded me of guacamole, but a little thinner and had hints of cilantro. The bottom left was almost like a sesame honey, and semi sweet. The top right was a chipotle chili kind of sauce, and the bottom right was the spiciest sauce ever that I steered clear of.


Top if off with fresh cilantro and onions and you’ve got one amazing little taco! When Phil (our CEO) said it was street tacos I was a little worried, but wow these were amazing!


Running joke of the trip….both Jake and Ed work at CLEARLINK (Jake’s been there over 3 years so yes he was there before me, he’s how I heard about the opening!). Since Cammie is a Director level she gets to go on the Mexico trip each year, and since I was an EOY nominee I earned my spot which meant that both Jake and Ed were our +1’s. They are the Plus One Club…Ed is President and Jake is VP. ;)


After we were done eating we wanted to get a picture with the servers. We only meant a few of them, but EVERY guy that worked there jumped in on our photo, haha!


Their shirts say: You don’t have to be crazy to work here,they’ll train you!


So this photo doesn’t make sense without the story behind it. On the way back from Pepe’s the other taxi was next to us and Ed told the driver that we should race. The drivers took it seriously and started the chase! On one hand it was hysterical and I laughed and giggled like crazy, but on the other hand part of me seriously thought we might crash and die. Thankfully both drivers were amazing and got us there safe (and gave us quite the adrenaline rush), and our driver got us back to the hotel first! Woot! Yes, he got a good tip. ;)


Spending the rest of the night hanging out with some of my favorite people! Kate (far right) didn’t want to do shots, but her boyfriend Nick joined in. Honestly I didn’t really want to do shots either, but Cammie ordered a round of tequila so we did the shots….


And whoa look at that face, hahaha! :) Oh I hate tequila!


And with my embarrassing picture, now here’s one of Jake! ;) We bought this Lucha Libre mask for Brady but of course Jake had to show it off, ha.


And the last pic of the night. Jake with the Katsanevas brothers. James on the end works with us and was also an EOY nominee (he won the EOY and the Trip of a Lifetime!) and brought his brother Nick as his guest. These boys are Greek and hilarious!

I hope you’re not bored with all the photos I’m sharing here! It’s been fun to look back at these photos and remember the stories behind them so six months from now I can read about this trip and remember our incredible experience!

Tomorrow, Day 4 and the day we did our excursion, a city tour of Puerto Vallarta!

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Della said...

It looks like you had an amazing time! The tacos look fab! I love that peach top you are wearing! So cute! <3