Thursday, May 19, 2011

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico–Day 2

Day 2 of our trip was Mother’s Day!


Beautiful balcony overlook at our hotel!


For Mother’s Day I had a massage in this little hut ON THE BEACH! It was so relaxing and I walked out of that hut feeling more refreshed than I had in months!


We spent the morning and afternoon at the beach and pool!


Why yes I’m reading on my iPad at the beach! ;) I finished this book, The Adoration of Jenna Fox and also on the plane ride home I finished Bossypants by Tina Fey. PS – Those are my Prada sunglasses I got when they took the staff EOY nominees out to lunch back in February and sunglass shopping for Mexico! I seriously adore these sunglasses!


Thanks to a friend/co-worker that took some of these photos…here’s my feet! ;)


Ok, so I took this foot one (ha). We moved up closer to the front row of chairs and had an amazing view of the water.




Just some gorgeous scenery shots!



We went back to the same café/bar we were at the night before to have lunch with a view of the beach. I can still feel the ocean breeze and sunshine just by looking at this picture!


This one made me laugh because it’s a guy selling candy out of a wheelbarrow…classic. Who doesn’t want candy on the beach?!


After the beach we went over to the adjacent pool. Jake played in their “Crazy Games” and tried to throw a football through a circle in the pool. He just barely missed it!


Then Jake and a bunch of the guys from work played water volleyball.


My favorite thing about the pool (aside from the built in loungers!) was the swim-up bar! ;) It even had built in stools so Cammie and I sat there for quite awhile drinking our mojitos and watching the guys play volleyball. The water was unbelievably warm and the perfect temperature, we stayed in for quite a few hours!


Cam and I enjoying the pool and sun!


After we felt like prunes and started to get hungry, we went back up to our room to shower and change for dinner and were greeted by this adorable elephant! I am seriously so impressed with this whole towel animal business!


Before dinner we wandered around the hotel again soaking everything in. This is the lobby and I loved all the bright colors in the centerpiece!


Such a cool light fixture!


This gem caught my eye right away! Bright pink, a fountain, open sunlight streaming through…



Can you see why I was entranced?


Had a few drinks before dinner with the super bubbly, funny and cute Kate! My kids LOVE Kate and I kinda like her too. ;) Kate and her boyfriend Nick work at CL and he won the trip for winning the Men’s category from the fitness competition. Nick plays on the CL Men’s Softball team with Jake so we see Kate each week and cheer they boys on.



Gorgeous sunset, no?


Capped the night off with hilarious conversations (a couple people were missing from this group shot) and plenty of drinks as the other little bar was just behind us and up a couple steps. This night was filled with a moment of spontaneity on my part, a challenge/bet that I won, and some funny pictures…that I won’t be showing here. ;) (Also, please excuse my husband flipping off the camera or rather the person that was taking the picture…boys! I just now noticed it, and it’s the only one I have, but I like the picture nonetheless….so sorry.)


Jake got super red being at the beach and pool and spending all day in the sun. You can definitely see my tan lines from my suit,too! We got a lot of sun today but I absolutely loved every minute of it!

Tomorrow…day 3!

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