Monday, May 30, 2011

Project 365: 5/15–5/28

It’s been raining for over a week now (snowing in some places of Utah) and the family is starting the catch the cough/cold I’ve had for the last couple weeks, ugh. I got it as soon as we got home from our trip and it definitely was a pain to deal with, but as you all know, you just keep “swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming!” :)

After posting an insane amount of pictures from our trip I took a little break from the blog-o to catch up on some work and home things. It was a nice break, but I’m incredible restless and wanting to get back into my krafty studio to whip up some cutie cards and scrapbook pages. You’d think the holiday weekend would have been that time, but unfortunately not as we had some other things to do.  I’m really hoping now that some things have settled down (like sports!), I can get a little more time to get back in the studio.

Today very much feels like a Sunday so here are the last two weeks for Project 365!



5/15 – Delish Sunday dinner! Jake loves to try out new recipes, but he also loves to come up with his own ideas to test.  I love the Nuts About Berries salad from Café Zupas and this was Jake’s spin on that. Romaine lettuce with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, topped off with a raspberry vinaigrette and slivered almonds. Zupas does a poppy seed dressing and cinnamon almonds, but Jake went with a healthier alternative that I loved!


5/16 – This woman in this commercial could seriously BE MY MOM!! It’s shocking how much they look alike! I’m tempted to have my Mom put on a blonde wig and take some photos so you could see the Doppelganger effect! ;)

For the sake of it, I just have to share a pic of her so you can see the similarities! Just imagine blonde hair, but the glasses, the nose, the lips….guh just all of it is so her! PS – this look she’s giving her husband in the commercial….such a look my Mom did to us growing up! ;)



5/17 – Awwww, thanks Halls cough drop, I really need that! ;)  Having a cold is bad news, but these little messages on  my cough drops have kept me grinning and looking forward to the next one, ha! Another one I loved? It said “Go get it.” Kinda like carpe diem…yeah I like you Halls cough drops (strawberry flavor) and have that one pinned up at my desk.


5/18 – My co-worker Daniel printed out this photo he took of Jake and I during our trip and brought it over to me that day. I still need to bring in a frame, but I love this little pic at my desk next to my old (slightly outdated, two year old) family photo and my little beach-in-a-box. Thanks Daniel!


5/19 – Thanks Papercrafts! It was such a cool surprise to see my name listed with the other first time designers that were accepted in Card Creations 9 on their blog! Now, to find some time and submit more! :)


5/20 – Totally unplanned event!! I was at my monthly stamp party and Debbie brought a yummo bottle of wine. A couple hours later a few of us decided it would be a good idea to go to the western bar in town, ha! I have never been there and even though I’m not a country fan, I will most likely go back just so I can ride this bull again! Thanks girls, it was super fun!

5/21 – Jake and Brady spent the day shooting archery at a tournament hosted by the league he’s in. He shot really well during the day and then we all went out for the bbq/potluck. This shot is of Jake and his Dad shooting in the “clay pigeon” rounds. They put three small clay pigeons on a target and the first team to break all three advances onto the next round. So not only is it about speed, but accuracy! It was a  fun night and we all really enjoyed ourselves!


5/22 – Happy birthday to Callie! This was our present to Callie, a ton of Junie B. Jones books! Because really,what do you get a 9 year old girl these days that’s not just another toy? ;) She loved them!


5/23 – Last game of the season, sad. Gwynie got to play shortstop and helped to cover 2nd. She loved it and decided she wanted that position during Fall ball!


5/24 – A super cute note from my amazing husband on my steering wheel! I seriously don’t think I deserve this guy! He makes me want to be a better wife! The next day he left me roses in my office, what a guy! My friend Sharon commented on the picture I’d uploaded to Facebook that he should give lessons…yes, yes he should! ;) Now to work on my ten step program on how to be a better wife.


5/25 – Closing ceremonies for Softball and for once no rain, yay!  The coach was saying all of their names and when he got to Gwynie he said the nickname he gave her at the beginning of the season “Smalls!” :) The girls all got their little participation trophies and her team also earned the Sportsmanship Award and got little pins.


5/26 – My yogurt on the left, and my co-worker and office mate Jenn’s yogurt on the right. Anytime Jenn is eating out of this people always comment on the size of her large yogurt. ;) Really though, it’s buying in bulk and lasts her a week and a half, but still funny. :)


5/27 – Lunch and pedis with the HR girls! Left Jenn, top Cammie, right Marki, and bottom me.  On Friday we worked through lunch and left a little early to enjoy some girly time. I work for the most amazing company!

5/28 – Spent the morning weeding and cleaning out the garage before it started raining again! I planted two pots to put on my front porch and loved the final result! Now, just have to keep them from dying….

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Della said...

Wow! Gwyner looked great on the field. I love it that she is such a sporty girl.

Um, yeah...that lady is definitely my twin. I'm thinking of getting my hair cut like that now. But I'll stay brunette, thanks ;)

Oh, I'd know those Kandi toes anywhere! Your toes look just like your dads!