Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project 365: 5/1 - 5/14

I came home from a five day vacation to jump right back into work, softball, kids, laundry and all the other “real life” stuff! I was exhausted by Friday, but felt soooo fulfilled, rested, loved and appreciated.

I had a really hard time deciding which photos to use each day from Mexico since I took so many, but I’ll be sharing more of those throughout the week. In the end I choose photos that when I looked at them they made me happy and smile so that’s how I picked them. :)



5-1 - This photo says it all. I never thought I would see this happen...



5-2 - My new hairdo! Went really blonde with my highlights and absolutely love it!


5-3 - Jake's socks...ugh. I'll pair mine and the kids' up, but I make let Jake do his own. ;)



5-4 - Warming up before a game. Gwynie is loving softball! She's into watching college softball on ESPN and loves doing her softball cheers at Jake's Men's league games.



5-5 - Happy Cinco de Mayo! My company rented a donkey for our fiesta, such a fun afternoon!



5-6 - The day Gwynie scored her first run by stealing all the bases! She got walked to first, and then stole 2nd and 3rd, and then after another batter she ended up stealing home!



5-7 - We made it to Puerto Vallarta! This is our FIRST trip without the kids in 10 years!!! The last time was our honeymoon 10 years! We decided we need to do more of "just us" trips. ;)



5-8 - Happy Mother's Day! I was treated to a massage in this cute little hut right on the beach! It was an amazing one hour massage and I felt so relaxed and happy afterwards. I love being a Mom (and not just for the excuse of getting a massage)!



5-9 - A day spent hanging out at the beach and the pool. It was an amazing day and I loved spending it with Jake! Check out our cool t-shirts everyone on the trip got!


5-10 - We took a city tour of Puerto Vallarta and saw some amazing sights! Just another day in paradise!


5-11 - Such a cute welcome home sign! Missed these kiddos like crazy and on their sign they said they missed us like crazy too! ;)


5-12 - Not our puppy, but one of the guys we work with that plays on the company Men's league team brought his fiancé and puppy to the game. Walle is a lab/blue heeler mix and was so loved on by my two kiddos!


5-13 - The only souvenir Jake brought home from Mexico! Two 1-liters of Crown Royal for $36 for both at the duty free shop at the airport, talk about a good deal!



5-14 - This is the "Bridge of Pity" they do for Gwynie's softball games. It’s meant to be a sign of good sportsmanship as they chant "We are proud of you, we are proud of you" as the team goes under the bridge of their clapping hands into their dugout. Gwynie said she hates when this happens when they lose a game, but loves when they get to do it to other teams like they got to do after their win today. ;)


Orange Blossom Boutique said...

This is my favorite Sunday night read! I love catching up with what you guys have done through the week!


Eric said...

This is my favorite Sunday night read! I love catching up with what you guys have done through the week! Love, Momma