Thursday, May 5, 2011

Project 365: 4/24–4/30

This week has seemed to fly by as we are getting ready for our trip. I know, I know, I keep talking about it, but I’m so excited! ;) I’m hoping I’ll be able to post and share some pics while we’re in Mexico, but for now here is my latest installment of Project 365!



4-24 – Happy Easter! The kids out with their full buckets of eggs and new outfits. Brady definitely won the egg hunt.  I think Gwynie didn’t really care and she knew how important it was to Brady…maybe she let him win. ;)


4-25 – So many things are wrong with this picture… It’s the end of April and I’m wearing a beanie and winter coat with sunglasses while watching Gwynie’s softball game! Brady’s behind me under the blanket! ;) It was freezing out but the sun was shining and then it started to hail, sleet and then finally rain at the end of the game. We were all frozen and numb by the end of the night!

4-26 – Happy mail! Received my copy of Card Creations 9 today (Available for purchase now, you can order it here!) and I was so ecstatic! This is my first time being published in a Paper Crafts magazine! I often times miss the deadlines or don’t manage my time effectively to make cards lately so I haven’t been submitting. I used to be really good about it, and it really is so worth it to see your card in print, so I’m going to focus on it again once we’re back from our trip!

4-27 – My Mom is learning how to text (LOL!!!) which Gwynie is thrilled about! She is a super texter - she usually sends around 400-500 a month so it’s a good thing she’s on an unlimited plan! ;) Oh, and the “Tickle Monster” is apparently her signature??? She changes it each week and we never know what to expect. Recent ones included RockStar, $hanksta (yes with the $ like Ke$sha….), and Cookie Monster. We have no clue where she comes up with this stuff!

4/28 – Proof that the tiniest eleven year old girl ever can wear girls size 8 skinny jeans and still have them look a little baggy in some spots! Most of her skinny jeans fit well, but for whatever reason these “super skinny” jeans from Old Navy don’t quite cut it. Also proof that 11, going on 12, year old girls are still just that…little girls as someone didn’t want her picture taken. ;)

4/29 – Blogged about this photo on Monday, and will be sharing more details on my visit to Mini’s Cupcakes tomorrow! Went to lunch with my friend Cammie instead of weighing in at our regular Weight Watcher’s meeting (bad, tsk, tsk) and had an boxed lunch with a salad, half turkey sandwich and an amazing cupcake! We each split our cupcakes so we could sample both and they were so good. Not sure about them being $2 per mini cupcake good, but in the boxed lunch it was a good deal!

4-30 – The kids took me shopping for Mother’s Day since we’ll be gone over the holiday (sad face), and I bought a new purse! I seriously love it! There are some pockets/holders on the inside so I’m hoping I don’t lose my lip gloss and phone at the bottom of my purse like I did with my old one. :)


Della said...
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Della said...

This week has flown by for me, too! Have you lost more weight? You look thinner! Especially in your face, well everywhere!

Great pic of Gwyn and Brady! I love their smiles. Cutest grandkids on the planet!

I am getting better at texting, thanks to Gwynie and Dee. You're never too old to learn, I guess.

By the time you get back from Mexico it should be warm at home.

Congrats on Paper Crafts Magazine. Chalk up another publication you krafty gal! So proud of you!

XXX Momma

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