Monday, May 2, 2011

Photoshop Actions!

Have you used Photoshop Actions before? I’d heard of them and thought I’d want to eventually find out how to use them, but had never put forth the effort to research and investigate further. Cue the fabulous Emilie and her tutorial post on using Photoshop Actions, combined with some pictures I took at a cute, vintage inspired cupcake shop, to actually get me motivated to try this out!

Seventies + Boost

I’ll post more later this week on my “Foodie Experience” at this cute shop and tell you more about the décor and food, but I wanted to share some of these photos now as I’ll also be sharing a layout on Saturday using two of these cute piccies.

First, here are some before and after pics to get an idea of how cool actions are. I went with the “seventies” action from Pioneer Woman to get that vintage, retro look I was going for.




Here are some more examples of the actions you can find in the PW set.

Original Photo



Soft and Faded



Loving these Photoshop actions! I’m going to start playing around with more actions and pictures of the kiddos, but now I’m all sorts of giddy to play with the pics we’ll take in Mexico! Do you have a favorite one you use all the time, or what are your favorite actions that you would recommend?


Wendy said...

Very cool Kandi....Is Photoshop Actions an extra program to buy or is it already in Photoshop and I have never notices it before??

Noomiy said...

really great! :)