Friday, May 6, 2011

Mini’s Cupcakes

It’s the next installment of my Foodie Experiences! Today I’m sharing my trip to Mini's Cupcakes! My friend and co-worker Cammie and I decided to skip weighing in at Weight Watcher’s last Friday and headed Downtown for lunch. I knew Jake didn’t want to go here, or at least he wasn’t looking forward to it all that much, so it worked out that I went with Cammie!

I’d shared some pictures on Monday and showed how I had used some Photoshop Actions to create these fun and unique looking pictures so here’s more info and detail on the photos!

This counter is at the back of the shop and houses their delectable cupcakes! The cupcake cookbooks with the blue covers were written by the owner of this cute little shop! The interior is that super cute pink color on all the walls, and has a very vintage feel with pieced together furniture, chandeliers, and channels Audrey Hepburn!

See that cute display up front with cupcakes?! And that super cute print chair and the pink table and chairs?! Seriously, it was a perfect girly little shop and I’m so glad I went with a girlfriend instead of Jake. No offense to him, but it’s definitely a fun girly place!

Gah…so cute right?!

Another fun piece of décor was this cabinet full of vintage cups, plates and other mixed kitchen items and these adorable pink appliances on the top!

I ordered the Talking Turkey (Smoked Turkey, Swiss cheese, Field Greens, a Cranberry and Crème Cheese spread) boxed lunch which includes a 1/2 Sandwich on oatmeal applesauce bread and an green salad with chevre, cranberries, pecans & a house made berry vinaigrette dressing along with a cupcake. It was served on these adorable glass serving platters…too fun!

Doesn’t that look heavenly?! Just looking at that bread makes my mouth water! It was super fresh, and smelled divine! It was the perfect lunch to fill you up, but wasn’t too heavy. You know when people talk about good, wholesome food?

Now to the cupcakes! This is a closer shot of the cupcake display up front.

And another that I’d posted, but I just love these pictures of all the cupcake goodness!

Here are some closer shots of the cupcakes in the front counter.

The cupcakes in the top? Yep we split one of those! It’s the daily special on Friday’s – a Carrie Cosmo! Cranberry cupcake soaked in cranberry juice and vodka, with lime frosting topped with cranberries. So good, I can’t believe how incredibly all the flavors combined! The lime frosting was the kicker though, it was amazing!

We also split a Crème Brule but I missed the photo opp on that one as it as the last one and we ate them too fast, hehe. The Crème Brule was a vanilla cupcake filled with cream. It was really sweet, super creamy and so moist. It was topped with a delicious vanilla frosting and since it’s not on their menu I can’t recall what the other component was but it was oh so delish!

Mini’s is a perfect lunch spot and prides itself on bringing in local ingredients and supporting local businesses. It’s cute, quaint, vintage and totally shabby-chic. I can’t wait to try more of their cupcakes!

I did a layout using two of these pictures, and I’ll be sharing it tomorrow for National Scrapbook Day!


Della said...

OMG that sandwich looks so good! It reminds me of my turkey, mayo and cranberry sandwich I make the day after Thanksgiving.

Your dad would LOVE the chocolate cupcake with the pile of chocolate frosting....I think the coconut one looks yummy!

Fun post Kandi! Love this! Now I'm hungry!

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