Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day–In Cards!

Two days before I was set to leave for Mexico I was asked to make some Mother’s Day cards for the Mom’s that were going since we would be there over Mother’s Day. We wanted them to have a little special something on their special day, and since I’m the resident card maker at work, well they knew who to ask. ;)

I was making 28 cards, and although I know a lot of you probably make way more than that when you’re mass producing, this was the first time that I’ve done something on that large a scale all at once. I knew that I wanted to make the cards different, but I wanted something that was easily reproduced and duplicated but still had a wow factor.

The easiest way to do lots of cards is to get everything cut and ready, and to then start putting them together. I started cutting everything around 6 or 7 pm between packing and cleaning house before our trip, so needless to say the photos aren’t in the best lighting by the time I finally started to put everything together.

Here everything has been cut and is ready to be assembled.

I’d scored all of my cardstock bases prior to cutting, so that all I had to do was make one cut and then fold.

Since I’d already cut the tags out it was super quick to lay them all out on my table and start stamping the sentiment. Set those aside after stamping to adhere to the card later.

Double-sided paper that I flipped all of them over and added adhesive to backside to then easily attach to the card base.

Here are all four card bases. I did 7 of each design to end up with my 28 cards.

Next, do the same thing as above and add adhesive to all the strips to then add to your card front.

Love to see all of these cards coming together!

Another “flip over add adhesive to the backs” process with the sentiment tag. Easy enough once you get in a rhythm.

Getting closer!

For these next few steps…well it was after midnight by this point (remember I was still packing and cleaning in the midst of all this, ha) so I didn’t photo every step but you’ll get the general idea. ;) I’d added the buttons with glue dots, added the butterflies and topped the butterfly off with a pearl.

The final part was a puffy flower, and that took the longest, but was definitely the wow factor part as I heard a lot of the Mom’s (and even their husbands) comment on that flower. I’d made these previously and linked a tutorial awhile ago but if you need more info please let me know and I’d be happy to find it for you! :)

Overall, this was a really fun project to tackle! I definitely think doing it all in one night was a ridiculous idea and I was up until 2:30am finishing everything up that night, but I’m so glad I got to make these! I received a lot of compliments on them, but more than anything it was nice knowing that all the Mother’s had a little something on their special day.

Tomorrow we’re having a blog hop for the release of a cute shoes set from Skipping Stones Design, and then after that I have a ton of posts scheduled about my Mexico trip so stay tuned!


Della said...

I love that flower! It definitely has a "wow" factor!

I'm a big you know what (boob) as I sit here with tears in my eyes being so proud of you!


Barb's Boys Inspired said...

Kandi you are one ambitious lady! LOVE the flower, which paper did you use for it? Your cards turned out so classy! What a nice touch for all the traveling mamas...