Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Project 365: 4/17–4/23

Last week was weird. Yes, just weird. Partly due to the crazy weather we’ve been having (snow in April…yeah…), partly because I’m feeling out of sorts with too much going on and not enough time to get things done with an upcoming vacation on the horizon, and then add in a holiday weekend and it felt like I was running behind every single day!


4/17 – Jake’s Mom and Dad got a new puppy! They had to put down the basset hound they’ve had for well over 15 years a little while ago and their dachshund was feeling a little lonely. So they got Harley, a mini long-haired dachshund! He’s 8 weeks old and is seriously ADORABLE! He absolutely LOVES the kids and almost wagged his little tail right off while playing with them!


4-18 – Softball was rained out for both Gwynie’s games and our COED game, so Jake went and shot archery with the league he participates in. He recently got a new bow and had to take a pic to show me how well he’s shooting – look at that tight group! All 10’s…he’s consistently beating his Dad now, which is just the way he likes it. ;)

4-19 – Brady begged me to show him how to do dishes after dinner so he could earn some extra allowance. It was hilarious how he kept begging me to come do dishes…ugh I hate dishes, but we got them done!


4-20 – Angry Bird Seasons – EASTER edition, yay! Just another reason I love my iPad!


4-21 – The first Men’s softball game for our CLEARLINK team and Jake. Last week was rained out and although it sprinkled a little at first, and was chilly, they still played this week. They won 19-11 and it was a great game! Looking forward to nicer weather to hang out and watch softball games!

4-22 – Dinner and a movie with two of my besties! Love these two girls! We had dinner at Iggy’s and then went to see Water for Elephants. Steph and I both read the book and we all really enjoyed the movie. I definitely think we needed time to just talk though, I swear we didn’t get enough of that during dinner!


4-23 – Decorating Easter eggs! Normally Jake and I each dye our own dozen, but we let the kids do all of our eggs this year since they seemed to just fly though dying their eggs. I’m wondering when they’ll get to that age that they don’t want to do them anymore, but I think we’ll still be dying eggs for a few more years at least.

Well that wraps up another week! I am still loving this project, and love seeing what picture I’ll end up with at the end of the day. Some days I know (like Easter stuff), but others still surprise me and I laugh at what I take pics of some days.

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