Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project 365: 4/11–4/16

I recall saying that I wasn’t going to get behind on my Project 365 posts but apparently getting sick and toting two kids around to sporting events and practices doesn’t leave much time for blogging! :) I’m jumping ahead to this past week, but I’ll go back in to add the previous weeks shortly.

I’m also testing out Windows Live Writer for my post today! Apparently IE9 and blogger (even with compatibility mode) don’t behave or get along very well together. So in the meantime I’ll try this out and see if it works better or what my options are.

One fun thing is tilting your pictures! It also adds a cool “drop shadow” to your photos, but you can remove that if you prefer. Also, the medium size setting for photos is so much larger then the large option when you upload to blogger. Oh also, uploading…so much easier in Live Writer! Instead of clicking each one individually like you have to on blogger, this will do a chunk all at once, yay! I live for effectiveness.


4-11 - COED Softball starts tonight and CLEARLINK sponsored this team as well as a Men's team. Since we play the same night as Gwynie I will probably end up missing a lot of games, but hopefully I can play a few at least. These are our jerseys! We personally paid for them since the company paid for the registering part so they are ours to keep instead of rolling over each year. :)


4-12 - This weekend is State Wrestling so it's our 2nd Annual Spaghetti Dinner for Peak! Brady seriously loves spaghetti (pasketti if he's being a goof) and his face was covered in sauce almost the whole night!



4-13 - The wind was blowing so bad during one of Gwynie's softball games so they called a 10 minute timeout to see if it would pass. Her and a couple other girls huddled together to stay out of the wind and get warm. ;)




4-14 - You know how I always say I have such a great husband? More proof...he brought home some Cadbury creme eggs! I only one that night but now I'm already craving another!



4-15 - We're doing a clothing drive at work to benefit the Big Brothers Big Sisters so I loaded up 7 (yes 7!) bags of clothes to take into work today. Jake still has to go through his closet after my initial clean out so I'm betting we have at least another bag or two to donate!


4-16 - Brady is now a two-time Freestyle State placer!  Woot woot! Brady took 3rd place this year and worked his butt off to earn his medal during each of his matches! “State” not just another tournament, so it means he was third out of the kids his age/weight in the state of Utah! Great job buddy we are so proud of you!

Well, after putting this post together in probably half the time I end up doing it in Blogger, I’m definitely loving Windows Live Writer. After playing around with it a little more too, and finding out where things are I’m pretty sure this will be the route I use moving forward.

Have you used Live Writer before? Love it or hate it? Tips for using it?

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Wendy said...

I have used Live Writer to write my Craft Critique articles and I love it. Way better that writing in Blogger. I found that when I use Live Writer, the 600 x 600 photos they want are really weird looking. I live you tilted pics!!