Monday, April 18, 2011

Project 365: 3/27-4/10

Back with my previous weeks worth of Project 365! Scroll below for week 4/11-4/16.



3-27 - Gwynie is studying medieval times in school right now and one of their projects was to either create a castle, a shield, or do a 10 page essay on the time period. Gwynie choose to do a shield and after Jake cut some wood into a shield shape she painted it and I taped on some lines for her to paint in.

3-28 - The finished shield, which she got an "A" on of course! For the shield project they had to do things that represent them or what they like and then write a one page paper on why they choose those things.




3-29 - Someone isn't spoiled is she?! All of Gwynie's softball gear she totes around to each practice and game. A lot of the girls love her bat and use it during all their games.



3-30 - Parent teacher conference...dun dun dun. ;) Why yes, that is proof that my 6th grade 11 year old daughter is reading at a 9th GRADE LEVEL! Whooo hooo!


3-31 - My throat started to feel a little scratchy before I went to bed so I tried soothing it with some tea and honey. Little did I know then how bad this seemingly scratchy throat would turn into a full blown cold later.


4-1 - Took the kids to the batting cages at Mulligans. It was the perfect weather (too bad it got worse later that week) and they had a blast.



4-2 - My little bookworm in action! She is working on "Conspiracy 365" a kids action/suspense/mystery series. It came out last year with each new book debuting each month as they story takes place one month at a time.



4-3 - True confession, this picture was taken days later not on the actual day. That scratchy throat turned into a huge cold and I was out of commission Sunday and Monday and then didn't feel well off and on for the rest of the week. Blech.


4-4 - Yeah, she is totally spoiled! ;) Jake won some money for the fitness competition we had done at work and while he was looking on KSL for a new bow, he happened to find this phone for Gwynie. He waited a few weeks before giving it to her, but thought since she is doing so well in school that now would be a good time to reward her. She literally burst into tears when he gave it to her. :)



4-5 - Looking up info and dates for the babysitting class the American Red Cross offers. Gwynie will be 12 in June and can start babysitting, she is so excited! With this class she'll be first aid and CPR certified and she is so looking forward to taking this class and to start babysitting. She absolutely loves babies and kids (she wants to be a neonatal nurse) so hopefully this gets her on the right track to start!



4-6 - Some new Stampin' Up! goodies came today! I had a workshop and got some papers, inks, embellishments and a stamp set, but one of the punches was on back order. Love playing with new things!



4-7 - Our passports arrived today! Wow, it is official we are going to Mexico one month from today!!



4-8 - Let the tanning begin! Going to tan a little to get a base before going to Mexico, so excited for this trip!


4-9 - Jake made homemade french fries with our burgers good! Fry sauce = love. For those of you that don’t know what fry sauce is….for shame! ;) Fry Sauce is essentially mayo and ketchup mixed together and although that sounds gross it is seriously sooooo goooood!! It is definitely a thing that is a “local” favorite because “Thousand Island Dressing” IS NOT Fry Sauce and when you ask for fry sauce in different places or someone sees you mixing mayo and ketchup together you get strange looks! ;) Trust me on this one, you simply must try it with your fries next time, you will seriously thank me!



4-10 - Completely cleaned out my closet today, kind of sad. I finally tossed things I'd had in there for at least 10 years (not even joking) or that were too big and I know I won't wear again. Felt good to get rid of a ton of things, but now I feel like I have hardly any clothes, which is very true after my weight loss but it’s a good thing!. Who wants to go shopping with me? ;)

Yay, now I am caught up, until Sunday when I can share this week!

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