Friday, April 29, 2011

Foodie Experiences

I’ve posted a couple times here and here about places Jake and I have gone to eat and I decided I wanted to continue documenting each different “foodie experience” we have.  Also, I was told to keep sharing my pics (thanks Wendy!) so hopefully you’re in the “I like when you share” category. Otherwise you can skip this one! ;) I’ll definitely try to keep a good balance of both projects and other pictures on here, but I know that I enjoy other things on the blogs I follow too, so hopefully you’ll also enjoy the extra things I post. :)

Jake was even so cute as to suggest that I make a mini-book full of pictures of each of the places we go to, what we eat and then refer back to my blogging for the journaling. See – I totally have a great guy, he has great ideas and he gets the lingo! ;)

So with that idea we’ll definitely be trying out more places that are distinctly Salt Lake, and even visit some of our favorite places that we’ve been to, but that we haven’t taken pics of before. Then I’ll share them here with you! One of the places we’ve both been to, but separately, is Faustina's. Jake went with a work group a couple years ago, and I went in February, or maybe March, with my friend Cammie so we decided it was time to go together!



We ended up going on Earth Day (Friday 4/22) and they had all the lights turned out which was neat to support Earth Day, but sort of killed the ambiance there naturally is with the muted track lighting.

We were seated up front and had this great view out of the huge windows pictured in the photo above. Doesn’t Downtown SLC look so cute and quaint? There are certain parts that are just too cute and fun and I love walking around Downtown!


Here’s a shot of the inside along one partition. I fell in love with the décor here the first time I came in and still swoon over the green, black and white colors mixed throughout. Faustina’s has a decidedly modern, eclectic feel to it.


You can order anything off Faustina’s lunch menu for $12 and you get a dessert along with it.


Jake ordered the Gourmet Macaroni (not on the online menu) with shrimp. It was super creamy and very cheesy! Although I liked mine better, and Jake liked his better (ha), we still enjoyed tasting the others dish. I do love cheese but it was a little much for me. Interestingly enough it was the pesto that was too much for Jake in my dish!


I ordered the Chicken Pesto Pasta, same as I had last time. ;) I seriously love pesto and this dish has a perfect balance of pesto, cheese and roma tomatoes. There are also some crimini mushrooms mixed in, and having a bite of all the flavors is a taste explosion – serious love!


So delish….


until the very last bite! ;)


As  mentioned you get a dessert and instead of the Pumpkin Roulade Cake I had last time, they’d changed it up to more of a spring flavor with strawberry! The dollop on top is whipped cream mixed with cinnamon. The vanilla cake is also filled with cream and has the same cinnamon flavor. The strawberries were super fresh and not overly sweet, but worked so well with the cake and the cream. As much as I love anything pumpkin, I decided I loved the strawberry cake even more!

There are a few places at the top of our list and I’m hoping that at least once a month we’ll be able to find the time to do a lunch or dinner date to explore some more foodie places in Salt Lake! If you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them!


Della said...

I love this! What a great idea to share your fave places to eat! I think Jake's macaroni and shrimp dish looked divine, but yours was probably more waist friendly :D

Wendy said...

THAT PLACE looks fab!!! We have Johnny Carino's for Italian and it is good. I haven't been there in a while. I think I will have to go!!! Yeah!!! Foodie Posts!!!! love it!

Margarita said...

I loved to see the pic of the restaurant. My dear fathers name is Faustino, so it caught my eye quickly. I gave my daughter the middle name of Faustine in his honor. I will email this pic to her. The food looks fab!