Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tips & Tricks - Reverse Stamping!

Hi everyone! I'm here today to show you a fun way to use your stamps with a twist to get more bang for your buck! One of the things I love about stamping with is clear stamps of course is being able to see all the way through, but did you know you can also use the reverse side of your clear stamps? You can "fill in" the negative part of a stamp without coloring and add a solid outline to your stamped image!

This flower from Stitched Stamps is perfect for demonstrating this technique! Start out with a stamp that is similiar on both sides in shape and a light and darker ink color.

Flip the stamp over and ink up the back side of you stamp.

Ink up the regular side of your stamp in the darker color and line up the two images before stamping.

You're left with a great solid outline of the flower and the detailed center of the flower!

Here are some other stamps you could use to create this effect.

Since it's NCAA "March Madness" (and my bracket is doing horribly thanks to Lousiville but I'm still beating my husband in points) I decided to use the basketball image from All Star to create a quick and easy one layer card.

Start out by inking up the reverse side of the basketball and stamp down some circles and then (not shown) stamp back over that with the regular side to create basketballs in half the time.

Here I've finished my card off with some brads and sentiments included in All Star.

What stamps could you think of to use with this technique?


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