Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

So this is my 3rd Thursday Thoughts post I think? (Yep just checked, it's #3)

This week has been crazy busy and I meant to have this scheduled to post for today already but life as we know it got in the way. Last night I lay in bed contemplating the myriad of things that have been on my mind so here's what I thought about:

1. I really wish you could get a print out of everything you think about at night. It really would make this list easier to remember a day later. ;)

2. So excited for our company party on Saturday night! The theme is Cirque Du CLEARLINK! We'll find out who wins the Employee of the Year, and it will be an incredible night filled with a Cirque Act with aerialists, jugglers, acrobats and then later on a hypnotist show! I have my dress, my shoes are exquisite and I have an appointment Saturday afternoon to get my makeup done at the MAC counter in Nordie's. So excited! Here's the front of the invite!

3. Feeling really happy and blissful right now. So many fun things going on and I'm filled with an overwhelming happiness that it's kinda over-the-top-silly. ;) I want to run through the streets screaming at the top of my lungs about how happy I am. I want to remember this feeling for those days when I'll be bummed out or something affects my mood.

4. My husband lost 28.6 pounds for our Fitness Competition (final weigh ins were today) which I'm very proud of him, but now it's working on maintaining - for the both of us as we work towards eating healthier and having a more active lifestyle. We'll find out if he did well enough to take home some of the money at the company awards party!

5. Gwynie signed up for Junior High classes this week and has elected to take French - so cool right? Yet so crazy to think she will be a 7th grader later on this year...I feel old, so old. I can't remember all of her classes, but I know she picked some fun ones. She had the option and recommendation to take Honors English but decided she would see how the regular class goes first...punk.

6. I've realized that Gwynie will never be a girly-girl, but that doesn't mean she doesn't like pink and she definitely likes looking cute. She's just going to be very athletic and is way more interested in sports than doing dance or cheer ever again, or curling her hair for that matter. Makes me a little sad since I loved doing Drill Team in high school and college, but Jake loves that she loves sports so it all works out. Her opening ceremonies for Softball are next Wednesday and she's already picked out a pink bat, mit, and cleats. That's my girl!

7. My house is a complete disaster since the last three nights I haven't been home until after 8pm and two of those nights until 10pm. More to come on that in my Project 365, but suffice to say I am going home to clean tonight. Jake and the kids are at archery tonight so I can go home to clean up my house....yay?

8. Even though I am crazy happy right now, I am completely exhausted. I wish I had a remote like in "Click" so I could pause time. I could seriously use it! My calendar is weeping from all the extra stuff I keep adding to it, ha!

9. I have been so unproductive in my craft studio lately, my stamps and inks feel neglected. Hoping to correct that this weekend.

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