Monday, March 21, 2011

Project 365: Catching Up!

I have taken a huge hiatus from blogging and crafting in general these last few weeks. I'm hoping that judging by these photos you'll see exactly why! ;)

2/27 - 3/5

2-27 - Brady and Gwynie love helping out in the kitchen! So glad they have Jake to show them the ins and outs of cooking! ;) Brady helped peel a cucumber for our Mandarin Orange Spinach salad...soo good!

2-28 - And the craziness begins! Corporate Games officially started on 2/26 and the events started tonight with 3 on 3 Men's Basketball. Our team took 1st place - great job guys! It was a long night (I got home after 10pm) but it was fun cheering them on and seeing them take gold!

3-1 - Another night of Corporate Games! Tonight was Volleyball and our team took 3rd place!

3-2 - Wrestling Banquet tonight and of course I didn't get hardly any shots of Jake with any of the wrestlers...oops. But I did snag this cute photo of the tags I made for the Mat Maids (they help out with scoring, etc.) gifts. ;)

3-3 - Jake and Brady skipped Peak practice so they could go for the last night of their 3D Archery league. The kids love to shoot and while I stayed late at work they got to have some extra time with Jake!

3-4 - Ice skating with the family! As part of Corporate Games there was a "Wellness Skate" and you could earn points for your company for every person there, plus the whole event was free for everyone! We got our full 10 points and had a blast! The kids did really well and I'm betting we do this again soon!

3-5 - The night of nights.....our annual Winter Party for CLEARLINK. This was such an incredible night and we had such an amazing evening. Words can't describe this evening, it was just magical.

3/6 - 3/12

3-6 - Cuteness overload! Watched the adorably cute Payton and her super sassy and funny big sister Bailey while my friend Stephanie got some sleep before their vacation! Payton was so scared of my cat Roxy when she first got there but after awhile warmed up to her, it was too funny and oh so cute!

3-7 - A lost tooth at school! The top tooth on the left to be exact, and then the tooth right next to it fell out the following Monday. Funny enough only a day after losing each his teeth are already coming in super fast so he shouldn't be wishing for his two front teeth come Christmas. ;)

3-8 - A night at Peak practice and Gwynie wrote on the white board in the coaches office. Her and Jim (Coach Burton to the kids) are always teasing each other and telling each other to "Shoosh" so this was her jab back at him and bringing Jake into the mix by blaming it all on him.

3-9 Dodgeball champs for Corporate Games! Jake was the captain of the team and put together a pretty talented (ahem, stacked) team full of past college athletes and a couple former pros...hey they all work for us so it was totally legit! ;)

3-10 - A giant can of CLEARLINK "CL" made today at work by some of my awesome co-workers! We did a food drive for Corporate Games and turned in what we needed in order to get points, but will be donating the remaining 1000+ cans along with a $5000 check to the Utah Food Bank. The check was a result of the positive change our employees made from the fitness competiton, we had over 500 pounds of positive change (muscle gained and fat lost) as a group!

3-11 - The photo today could have been from our 1st place Soccer team, and then I could tell you about the fight that broke out among two other teams resulting in the police being called, but instead.....This photo of Gwynie as she fell asleep in the car on the way home wearing her brand new mit. If you can't tell, someone is clearly excited for Softball season to start. ;)

3-12 - We won the Corporate Cup at the Closing Ceremonies today - 1st place baby! Not only that, but Jake and I competed in Trivial Pursuit for our team and took 1st place too, woot! It was set up where you had keypads to enter your answers so it was super fun and was also based on quickness. We wagered all our points at the end "Go big or go home" we said since we already knew we'd win the corp cup no matter our score, and brought home the gold!

3/13 - 3/19

3-13 - Snowboarding at Canyons Resort with the family! Gwynie ended up not liking it so I failed miserably at getting any photos of the family together, but did get one of Jake and Brady - the true boarders of the day! Brady is a total natural and Jake's taking him out again in two weeks to which Brady is estatic!

3-14 - Mystery item ruined a load of laundry....everyone's light colored shirts are stained with a blue which I later found was a crayon only after discovering the wrapper several days later. So many cute clothes ruined. We're all pretty saddened by the loss of some of our favorite things. Oh well, now I get to do more shopping, ha.

3-15 - Over 800 photos were taken at the CLEARLINK Winter Party and I put them in these three albums so people could pick out the photos they would like emailed/printed. It was so fun doing this because I got to relive the night all over again...

3-16 - My 40 bags in 40 days challenge isn't going too well. I've done 3 so far counting this one, but we're planning on a full de-junking cleaning party on the weekend of the 26th so I can clear out tons of excess junk lying around our house. Jake's even on board as he's the one that suggested we take the weekend to do it - I love this guy!

3-17 - Talked to my Mom the other day and she knew we were super busy but didn't know what our schedule looked like. This is my calendar. This is why I'm going crazy right now. Out of 31 days this month, there are only 3 days that we don't have something planned, and incidentally I've managed to fill up those open Friday nights, butwith fun happy things at least. :) By May both Wrestling and Softball for the kids will be over...maybe I can sleep and breathe then???

3-18 - Date night with the girlfriends! Steph, John and their girls, along with Jake and I and our kids met up with Mel and went cosmic bowling! It was so good seeing everyone and just hanging out talking and catching up. It was a fun night just being together - we need to do this more often!

3-19 - Poor sick Brady! After wrestling only one of his brackets Jake knew Brady was feeling really sick. Jake took him to the doctor Sunday and we found out he has a major sinus infection (we were worried it was strep since some of the kids at Peak had it) so he got an antibiotic and will hopefully feel better really soon. The thing he hates the most - no voice! It freaks him out that he can't talk right, but being the good Mom I am I drugged him up with Motrin and he fell asleep watching his new favorite show Man vs. Food.
Whew that was a huge undertaking trying to get all caught up! I hope to not do that again! ;) Anyway, as you can see it's been crazy at our house lately and hopefully we'll get some R&R soon!

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