Monday, March 28, 2011

Project 365: 3/20-3/26

Vowing to not get behind on my installments of Project 365. Not very talkative this week...shocker I know. ;) 3/20 - 3/26

3-20 - And sick kid #2 (sick Brady was the previous pic). She was either sleeping or throwing up over the next few days, poor kid. Two sick kids and a sick husband is no bueno.

3-21 - Ok yes another cat picture, ha! Roxy loves heat! She'll burrow under blankets, snuggle to us and yes, even lay on heater vents. Crazy.
3-22 - It was a Ben & Jerry's kinda night...

3-23 - Doing a last minute project and the mojo has been lacking. Maybe if I cleaned up my desk and my studio that might help.

3-24 - Doing my 40 bags in 40 days challenge and am behind the count, but so far I've been able to toss out these 7 (yes 7!) bags of garbage and 3 others for donation. Decluttering feels so good!

3-25 - I had a stamp party at my house so Jake took the kids to Airborne. They just opened up and have trampolines all over and a foam pit for both big and little kids to jump into! :)

3-26 - Gwynie's first Softball game! They won 4-3, but it was a nail-biter! They were tied and went into an "International Tie-Breaker" to win. It was soooo cold that morning, I can't wait for nice weather to watch her games in!

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Wendy said...

I love these posts. Have a good one!