Monday, March 7, 2011


This weekend was incredible! As I'd mentioned before it was our annual company awards party on Saturday night with the theme of Cirque du CLEARLINK! The photo above is a shot of the events center we held it at. We had over 700 people in attendance and it was a spectacular evening. This photo doesn't do the decor justice!

I was nominated for Employee of the Year and we would find out who won that night. I did not win, but for me just being nominated was such an amazing experience - I was representing the top 10% of our company! 11 of us from staff were nominated out of over 100 cool! I get to go to Mexico in May for being a nominee and really, looking at the group I was nominated with, it was such a huge honor! They actually selected TWO people for EOY because of the work they have done with our Marketing team. They totally deserved this award and I couldn't be happier for them!

We had such a jam packed agenda, including an after party - because you can't have just one party with CLEARLINK - and it was a total blast! Here is a look at what happened that night!

5:30-6:30 - Dinner will be served while you enjoy watching various Cirque Performers, which will include aerialists, jugglers, acrobats and more.
6:30-7:30 - Awards Presentation: Who will win the trip of a lifetime?
7:30-7:45 - Cirque Act and an opportunity for you to go get some yummy Cirque treats: handmade caramel apples and other delicious treats (treats will be set up for the remainder of the evening)
7:45-8:45 - Don Spencer Mesmerizing Hypnotist
8:45-10:00 - Dancing: Everyone hit the dance floor and show us your best moves. There will be a dance off to win an awesome prize so stick around if you’ve got moves like nobody has ever seen or watch your coworkers get their groove on.

Amazing right?! Here are just a few of the pics we have up on our company Facebook page. I will have to share more as they come up. I know for sure there were some taken at the after party so I'm curious to see those, ha! ;) Take a look HERE to view more photos from the event - they are sooo cool! There are only about 60 in there now but way more were taken!

Jake and I of course! I went and had my makeup done at the MAC counter in Nordstrom's and told her my idea for Cirque makeup. She did it perfectly with purple and a tealish green that I had in mind and I loved the look! I guess it's a little hard to see in this pic, but oh man was it incredible!! I took my heels off for this pic cause I kinda towered over Jake. ;)

See that amazing stage behind us?!! We had two long runways and a short one in the middle where our dancers and aerialists were at. We were lined up on the runway closest to the stage in this shot. This is the group for Staff EOY. I loved this shot, it just looks so fun!

This was the photo op we had setup. Not sure if they're planning on cropping them a little, but either way still a cool backdrop! My heels made me a bit taller than Jake so I scrunched down a little here. :)
The guy in the middle works with us and his wife was actually Brady's kindergarten teacher! It is such a small world! Anytime we have an event it's always fun to catch up with her. She had a baby last summer and has decided to take a couple years off teaching. She was a fabulous teacher, but I think it's awesome that she can stay at home to raise her sweet daughter!

Cammie and I were going to take a photo together but one of our Sales Managers Charles wanted to take one with us so jumped in. ;) PS - not both of my drinks, lol!! One was Cammie's husbands that I was carrying back to our table. Cammie by the way, put this whole thing together! She worked tirelessly to work with our decorators, caterers, the dance company members, and then every other little thing that had to be done. She did such a phenomenal job and everyone is wondering how she can top it next year!

The other fun part of the night! Jake (looking pretty surprised and excited!) won a category in our fitness competition and won $1100!!! He was announced and recognized and got a sweet check that night!

Here's another shot of the event. There were tables on either side of the runways on the middle and held about 10 people. You can imagine how many tables we had!! The runways were split up so you could easily cross over to the other side. There was a bar at one end and off to the side of that we had the food setup. It was a pasta bar and was simply amazing! Later they cleared the food to bring out the cotton candy and carmel apples. I didn't indulge in that because I was planning on having drinks at the bar later, but I heard it was delish!

Here's a cool shot of one of the dancers. They were so amazing, I could have just watched them and the girls with the silks all night long, ha!

The evening was so magical. Words and photos just can't do this night justice. There was a feeling in the air that made everything so incredible and I will truly cherish all the memories from that evening for a very long time to come.


Orange Blossom Boutique said...

You look amazing my dear! Love your dress and makeup!

Barb's Boys said...

Kandi, what awesome pics! You look amazing dahling!