Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I did this a couple weeks ago and enjoyed the exercise so I thought I'd do it again! It really makes me focus on things I'm loving in my life right now, which is a good reminder of what I have to be thankful for, and I can appreciate all those little things too. :) Not sure if I'll do it every Thursday, but I'd love for this to be something I do on a frequent basis, so here is my latest installment of Thursday Thoughts.

1. Special K cereal bars, especially the Vanilla Crisp flavor = super yum! They are 2 Weight Watchers points, and although pretty small, it's the perfect afternoon treat. (Food will probably be a common theme here, ha.)

2. Loving/hating that Easter candy is on the shelves. I've lost 16 pounds since last June and those Cadbury Mini Eggs are calling my name, but honestly it's almost a whisper at this point. I'm focused on a goal here!

3. Decided that my One Little Word for this year should be changed the first week of January but fought myself over it. I'm stubborn like that. The word that kept popping up for me was "experience" and I actually went back and forth between that and "simplify" for awhile. Finally a few things sunk in to make me realize that experience was meant to be. My 29 Things list is comprised of many things I want to experience so I quit fighting myself and gave in to change it. Funny how that makes me feel better acknowledging it and making it public knowledge.

4. Amazingly proud of my Mom and Sister and their incredible weight loss stories! Laci sent me a couple pics today and shared this link to document her weight loss journey. Seriously so proud of them! I plan on doing a Before/After post of the three of us girls in a couple months.

5. Bought these pants yesterday in a size that I haven't worn in almost 7 years...what an amazing feeling! Plus they are comfortable but still look polished - love that! I'll share some pics later of my before/after pants, it's hilarious!

6. Really want to try this stuff out. I've heard people talk about dry shampoo but I'm still wondering how my hair will feel after. From what I've heard it's amazing stuff and your hair has that fresh washed feeling without all the damage. May have to get this and test out to tell you about on another Thursday Thoughts.

7. Brady knows the words to every song on the radio right now. Not sure if I should be impressed or embarrassed that he knows all the words to Rhianna's "Only Girl in the World" and Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream". I'm going with impressed since he also knows all the words to "Down," "Love the Way You Lie" and "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love" and keeps me entertained by belting out random songs when the mood strikes.

8. Gwynie cracks me up with her quick wit and glib remarks. Watching American Idol last night (only for the new judges though, ha) and some girl was bawling and saying she wanted it so bad. Without missing a beat Gwynie said, "Then suck it up and sing..." Pretty sure that is going to be a running joke/inside joke at our house now, it was that classic.

9. LOVE having my husband home again! He is so good to me and I'm not quite sure what I did to be so lucky and have him in my life, but whatever the reason I'm so grateful. Remember last time I said I realize I'm not Super Mom and I'm ok with it? Well, turns out I wasn't as ok with it as I thought I was. Super Jake to the rescue to remind me that he's there to help with dishes and laundry and that I don't need to do it all or carry all the burden. Plus, he smells good too - that's a good quality to have right? ;)

10. Must find a dress for the company awards party that is next weekend...yikes. I'm looking for a perfect LBD - little black dress. I've looked online before venturing out into stores and haven't found anything I've loved thus far. Suggestions on places to look? Ideally I would like a cocktail dress that is sleeveless, form-fitting, and knee-ish length. Not too much to ask for right? ;)


Della said...

I love the SpecialK bars, and a couple of the SpecialK cereals, the cinnamon pecan, and honey almond. You have to try the SpecialK Fruit Crisps. They are so light and crispy. I have the blueberry, and I want to try the strawberry. There are so many low fat options now. I'm so proud of you for your weight loss accomplishment!

gssfam said...

I love this post! I might have to do something like might remind me what I am grateful for and to post at least once a week! Ha! I too am really only watching AI for the new judges...they are great except for JLO's meltdown last night....i mean...really?!?!?!