Monday, February 21, 2011

Project 365: 2/13 - 2/19

This week was all about Brady it seems since he's in three of the photos from this week! I didn't necessarily mean to leave Gwynie out as she happened to be my photographer one night, so I'll try to get more of her soon, or hopefully balance them out. ;)

2/13 - Gwynie got a Teen-ie Bopper magazine (I have no clue what it was called) at the store and spent 2 hours reading every single article, tidbit and factoid in it. Which she then told us all about, ha. The appeal? Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner were on the cover. ;)

2-14 - Valentine's day...a holiday I really don't care much for, but Jake made me rethink that with this pretty surprise necklace. I have a thing for 3's (Jake, Gwynie and Brady) so this necklace and the one they got me for my birthday 3 years ago represents them. Love that he thinks about such little details and truly surprised me with this.

2-15 - I had a meeting to go to tonight so Gwyie played photographer at Brady's wrestling practice. This is what happens when Brady (in blue) puts you in a "Gut Wrench"...sorry other little kid. At the tournament we went to on Saturday Brady did this move a lot, and I heard someone say behind me, "Wow, that kid really knows how to gut wrench!" it. FYI - the gut wrench is a basically a series of rolls or turns of your opponent where you expose their back to the mat and earn back points.

2-16 - So I knew they predicted storms and snow, but I was really disappointed to see all this come down...sad. And that's all I have to say about that. :(

2-17 - We were less than a minute away from the high school for wrestling practice and Brady got his fingers stuck in a Chinese finger trap! And of course he couldn't figure out how to get his fingers out, LOL! We got to the school and I told him to hop out so I could get his fingers out...but since he had been buckled in, he was stuck in his seatbelt, ha! Sooooo glad I had my camera with me, this was priceless!

2-18 - I've been going to Weight Watchers since June and finally today hit a big goal for myself. I've lost 10% of my starting weight since joining (it only took 7 months, ha!) and got this keychain thing. I'm about 7 pounds away from my goal weight and will have lost a total of 23 pounds once I hit that. I would love to lose it by May before we go to Mexico!

2-19 - Wrestling tournament at North Summit. Brady took 2nd in Freestyle and 3rd in Folkstyle. The matches he lost were sooooo close. One he lost only by criteria, one he lost in overtime, and one he lost by 2 points, so all super close matches. He had actually taken a month off (he got infantigo from some borrowed mats) and had only been to a couple practices this week so we're proud of him for working so hard. He loves wrestling and I love watching him!

This week is starting out a little rough with lots going on, but I'm sure we'll make it through! ;) I think one of the things I love about Project 365 is that I never know what my picture of the day will end up being. Like the finger trap thing...I'd already taken a pic of my Starbucks and aspirin that morning at work (it was one of those days), but of course the second picture was the best. Curious to see how the next few months go!


Della said...

I remember reading teeny bopper magazines when I was Gwynie's age. I can't believe she's getting so "old".

Love Brady's gut wrench picture, that's great. Love the dimples in the Chinese finger trap pic!

You can Do It! I bet you can lose the rest by May :D Good Luck!
Love ya,

Lucy said...

Congrats on the WW award. I have two! (Since I was a LT member back in the early 2000's but then gained some back). I've now been a lifetime member for almost 3 years. Those monthly weigh-ins keep me on track.
Remember it's something you have to do forever!