Sunday, February 6, 2011

Project 365: 1/30-2/5

Yes I've been tired and lots going on right now! It has been a whirlwind week and I think you'll see why in the photos below! I've been so exhausted and haven't been in the crafting/blogging mood so hopefully things turn around soon!

1/30 - Sunday night dinner was Manicotti, baked asparagus, and these pretty little "tuxedo" chocolate covered strawberries! We have been hooked on Kitchen Boss (we were already big fans of Cake Boss) on TLC and had to try out some of Buddy's amazing recipes! Love that Jake enjoys cooking because he did a fabulous job with dinner and we all loved it!

1-31 - Time to start working out again! Made it much more enjoyable reading on my iPad. Did low intensity for 20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 on the bike and 20 on the elliptical. Sure, it takes longer doing it that way instead of a quick 30 min high intensity work out, but I really enjoyed my workout and reading so it was a win/win for me!

2-1 - OMG!!! Best and most shocking news ever! I was nominated as an Employee of the Year and I get to go to Mexico in May! They nominated 11 people this year for the top 10% of Staff and I feel so incredibly honored and grateful for this opportunity. I'll also have the chance to present on why I should win the "Trip of a Lifetime" and we'll find out who wins that at our annual Awards Party on 3/ exciting!

2-2 - The nominees for EOY were taken out to lunch and then we were all given $200 to spend on sunglasses for Mexico! I picked up some fabulous Prada shades that are basically my pride and joy at the moment! ;) Why yes I am the only girl....HA!

2-3 - Another cat picture I know, but this was too hilarious! Brady did a pretty good job taking this pic didn't he?! I was working away on my laptop and Roxy crawled right underneath it on my lap. She did this as a kitten and I think she loves the warmth as well as snuggling on my lap. Doesn't she look comfy (even though she barely fits anymore)?

2-4 - Taken with my phone since I left my camera sitting on my table when we left. :( Went to Classic Skating for Ari's birthday party and the kids had a blast skating around and playing in the bounce house. One little girl even gave Brady a little plastic rose during the "Snowball Dance" haha!

2-5 - BEST 10 minute dinner! Jake was in Bear River for Sectionals and when I'm left to fend for me and the kids for dinner it doesn't usually end in the desired results. We eat a LOT of Wendy's when Jake is out of town or has late practices. ;) This however is something that is so simple and easy to make and is soooo tasty! Boil the ravioli, heat sauce and then chop up veggies for a salad. Sprinkle freshly shredded parmesan cheese over your bowl of ravioli and it's ready to eat in literally 10 minutes!

So as you can see it's been a little crazy this week! Wrestling season is almost over (State is Wednesday and Thursday) and then it's just the little kid practices we'll have two nights a week. I'll get my husband back though, even if it means that now almost every weekend we'll be at Brady's tournaments. ;) Also, since we're going to Mexico in May, that means we'll need to get our passports sooner from my 29 Things list...crazy!
Really hoping I'll get some energy back this week and that I can focus on some goals. Have a great week!


Della said...

Awesome post Kandi! I did notice you were the only girl in the group! The Butonni is a great simple and quick dinner. Good job ;

Barb's Boys said...

Whoa! Congrats on the Mexico trip and the cool shades and good luck on the Trip of a Lifetime...too cool!