Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wrestling and 29 things

I had planned on posting today an update of where I'm at on my 29 things list, but ran out of time this morning since it's Regions wrestling today. Posting from my iPad as I'm watching the finals so I thought I would share a few things while I'm waiting for the next few matches to come up for our team and then do a real post with my updates tomorrow as I catch up on Project 365.

There are four kids in the finals from Stansbury that are competing for 1st/2nd place. So far the first wrestler from our team at 112 did take 1st and it was a crazy match. I was shaking pretty hard after it was all said and done! This was his second region title and since he's only a sophomore its a pretty big deal. It went into overtime, where in that case the first person to score wins. Meaning, get a takedown, which can be harder than it sounds when your adrenaline and nerves are going crazy! Not that I know from first hand experience, but I can imagine after watching a couple of ot matches. ;) After he won he held up two fingers to represent his second title, and I totally missed the shot because I was shaking so hard haha!! Afterwards I told his dad that if I felt that way watching his sons match I will probably pass out in 6 years when Brady starts wrestling in high school!

Annnndddd a few minutes later we have another wrestler, our 135, in 1st place!! These last two kids are some of jakes "favorite" wrestlers so it was amazing to see them win and bring home the region titles in their weight classes. ;) we still have our 160 and our 215 to go so it's still going to be another hour or so. After this we're headed off to a friends house to celebrate his birthday and play some wii andkinectdance games. ;) hope you areallhaving great weekend andiwillbeback tomorrow with lots of stuff and pictures!

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