Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365: 1/1-1/8

For my 29 Things Before I'm 30 list, one thing I wanted to do this year is Project 365. Now, I don't know how diligent I'll be in the coming months about keeping all my photos posted and up to date on my blog and Facebook, but I thought posting them on Sundays would be a good way to recap the week. Also, since the 1st started on a Saturday, I've decided to post from Saturday to Saturday.

Here is last week 1/1 - 1/8:

1-1 - A glimpse at the mess left after our New Year's Eve and my birthday party bash. We were up until 5 am playing Dance Central on the Kinect, and eating and drinking a lot of course. ;) The chocolate fountain was a huge hit and I'm so glad Jake bought it specifically for that night!

1-2 - I love that Jake loves to cook, because I suck at it, and that he is such a great cook! We love to do "Surf and Turf" on Sundays, so we did steaks, lobster tails, shrimp, and Jake made rosemary potatoes...delish! (PS - those are my super old plates, I was too lazy to unload the dishwasher to dig out my nice ones, ha)

1-3 - Reading a book to Brady tonight and the convo goes like this...

Brady: Mom, that is an exclamation point, you have to be more excited or scream when you read that sentence.
Me: *repeats sentence with enthusiasm and excitement* Better?
Brady: Yep, much better!

1-4 - My work peeps took me out to lunch for my birthday at Biaggi's, and then we had to do our traditional stop to pick up carmel apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! This is the Apple Pie apple....a Granny Smith apple covered in caramel, white chocolate and then rolled in sugar and cinnamon. A little slice of heaven.....oh yeah.

Also, Wendy asked in the comments when I posted this on 1/5, how do you eat it? They slice it for you, so you can pull off little sections of the apple so it's not near as messy eating it as it could be! ;)

1-5 - I was so excited to see this on my porch when I got home that night! It's a box full of products from Imaginisce for an upcoming Craft Critique review, and when I say full I mean super full! It's something I've actually wanted for awhile so I couldn't wait to dig in and play with it! Review coming around February!

1-6 - Heartfelt Creations is a local scrapbook store and they had posted on their FB page on the 5th that they needed volunteers to help out with a commercial they were filming the next day. If you volunteered not only would you be in the commercial, but you would get a $10 gift card for their store. I jumped at the chance and had a blast "pretending" to scrapbook in their crop room with some of the other ladies that were there!

1-7 - Jake and Brady got haircuts, yay! I hate scruffy looking hair so yes, I get excited about a thing as simple as a haircut! ;) Their hair grows pretty quickly and coincidentally they both always need haircuts at the same time due to it's growth rate. I love that they always go together to get cuts, it's kind of a cool thing that they do together.

1-8 - Pomegranates! Pomegranate season lasts from October to January, so we had to get them in before the season was over. To make it easier for the kids (and unfortunately sightly messier) I slice them in quarters so they each have their own section to pull the seeds out. All the seeds go into a bowl and then we share it!

My sister Shae is a Pom fiend, and she recorded a video just over 4 years ago on her peeling a pomegranate so this is the "right" way to peel one instead of slicing it and making a mess.

Alright, well I hope you enjoyed some glimpses of my day to day life and the randomness that will be Project 365 for me. ;) Gwynie pointed out that she wasn't in any of the photos for this week...oops! I'll have to make sure and get her this week.

Jake and Brady are at an archery tournament so it's just me and Gwynie. Pretty sure she'll want to play Sims 3 today so that leaves me free to work on some upcoming projects. :) Have a great day!

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Made by Mandy said...

That's the way I've always peeled pomegranates but it does take a long time. Wish it was as quick as your sister's video. I once peeled four in one go at it took so long, never again LOL

In the UK the pomegranate seeds are such a pale pink, we never get them as red and juicy as your look. Yours look way nicer :)