Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 35: 1/16-1/29

Catching up from last week so my post today will feature the past two weeks worth of Project 365.

1-16 Jake and the kids spent the day playing video games while I worked on some projects. Call of Duty Black Ops, Lego Indiana Jones and WWE Smack Down vs Raw were the games of choice.

1-17 Down 14 pounds since June. My pants are starting to get pretty baggy which I have a love/hate relationship with right now. Love that I can tell I'm losing weight, but hate that I have to replace all my pants now. ;)

1-18 Four cards went in the mail and one was hand delivered. One was for Jake's grandma and she called me a few days later to thank me for the card. She said she got it on a day when she was really down and it was the perfect thing to cheer her up!

1-19 Daddy/Daughter ski and snowboard date at The Canyons. They had a blast and Gwynie can't wait to go snowboarding next time.

1-20 Pretty view over the mountains when we got home that night. I couldn't believe it was almost 6pm and it was still so light outside. Sure sign that Spring is on it's way!

1-21 Jake surprised me with flowers the night before. I had actually posted to FB "Some days I feel just like Drew Barrymore's character in 50 First Dates....Jake makes me fall more and more in love with him each day. I'm a lucky girl." and that night he brought me home these. He actually hadn't seen the post between wrestling practice and running to the store so it was even more special that I had posted that earlier in the evening. :)

1-22 Brady's birthday party! He turned 8 on the 21st and had a bowling birthday party. Sharon made him a wrestling cake, he loved it!

1-23 Chef Gwynie wearing the apron from Great Grandma LaNetta. She put together a menu of everything Brady and his friend that stayed the night could order off of. Their breakfast consisted of oranges, cereal and toast, and then she made mac-n-cheese for lunch. She will most definitely be a better cook than I am!

1-24 Siiiiicckkkk. Soooo, soooo sick. Nausea, pounding headache and sore throat. Worst two days I've had in awhile.

1-25 Just something that I love in my house - my Scentsy. Currently burning Sugar Cookie, one of my favorite scents. Remember Fried Ice Cream? They discontinued it awhile back but still to this day is my absolute favorite scent. I have 3 burners in my house and one in my them!

1-26 Satin! Purchased 1/4 of a yard in these three colors so I could practice a new technique I'd read about. Coming up in a review and I'll share more later.

1-27 Roxy! Love this little kitty cat! She is such a snuggler lately at night and loves to lay half on me and half on my laptop when I'm working on things.

1-28 The best thing to wake up to in the morning! Jake does an early shift during wrestling season so was able to leave this little note on the bathroom mirror for me to find that morning. He's my best friend and I love this guy a lot!

1-29 You're thinking what's up with this blurry picture right? I was honestly shaking so bad after this match that I couldn't get a better shot, haha! One of the reasons why I love it though, blurriness and all, is because there is a story behind it. The Stallions wrestled at Regions and this was Logan's 2nd Region Title...which is why he held up two fingers. The match was tied 2-2 and they went into overtime. Logan got the takedown meaning he scored the first point so he won, but not before making all of us almost pass out and die of anxiety! ;)

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