Monday, January 31, 2011

29 Things Update

Since my post from yesterday was so long with Project 365 I decided to post my 29 Things update today. And you know because I didn't do much of anything this weekend because of other commitments. ;)

So, where am I at on my 29 Things Before I'm 30 list? Crossed off a few, have a few in the works, and a few that I seriously need to start working on if I'm going to finish them over the next 11 months! Here are the ones that I can share/update on, the entire list can be found in the link above.

In Progress:

1. Project 365 - Still dutifully taking pictures each day and enjoying the process. I wake up and wonder what the day will bring, what type of moment or memory I'll be capturing. Some have been easy, some I've had to think about, but so far it hasn't been a problem finding things to take pictures of. I've heard people have a harder time the longer it goes on so we'll see how I'm doing around June. ;) You can view all of my photos and info about each day here.

7. Lose 10 pounds - I've lost 14 since June, but only 1.4 in the new year thus far. I'm still plugging along to lose those other 8.6. Starting to get back to working out this week so that should help.

8. Read at least one book a month - Some may consider it cheating, but I've listened to two audio books this month and I'm counting them. I personally think it takes more concentration and focus to listen to an audiobook versus actually reading it. Probably just me, but since I do have to "work" at it, I'm counting them, and it's my list and my rules, right?

Fade Out (The Morganville Vampires, #7)Fade Out by Rachel Caine
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
I'm coming to a point in this series that I'm not quite sure if I want to keep reading them or not. The plot is still essentially the of vampire and humans that coexist with rules and stipulations, Claire is a genius with "interesting" friends, there's a bully that wants to kick her ass on a daily basis, and a mad scientist vampire who happens to be her boss. Throw into the mix a new character who torments Claire and friends, and then someone who tries to kill her. Sounding familiar and has the same plot line as the other books? Yeah, I thought so too. The only thing that's keeping me reading the next few is my curiosity. At what point does it all end for this series, and how will it wrap it? Will it wrap up, or continue to be this story always continuing to tell their day to day lives? Also, once I've invested as much time into a series as I have at this point, I just feel that need to keep going.

Kiss Of Death (The Morganville Vampires, #8)Kiss Of Death by Rachel Caine
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Talk about the road trip from hell! I thought this would be more about Michael's recording session in Dallas and their experiences outside of Morganville, but the whole story took place in remote towns and was about the people/things they ran into outside of their "safe" town. A few times I kept wondering what could possibly happen next to the group and sure enough something else did happen that made me pause and wonder why they always had such horrible adventures. Biggest mouth-gaping-open-moment...Eve's new car (a hearse)....really??! I think it was important for them to realize that danger still exists outside of Morganville, and was also important for them to realize what they had waiting for them back home. I would love to see them free from the restrictions that are placed on them, but I don't see that happening. Interesting to see what will happen once they return home and what the future has in store for them. Once again I'm still stuck in finding out what happens with this story.

View all my reviews

28. Send at least one handmade card a month to a family member/friend/loved one - Successfully sent 5 cards out in January and heard everyone loved them! Definitely will try keeping this up because it was so gratifying hearing that the card Jake's Grandma received was the perfect pick me up on a day when she had really needed it and was feeling down. That right there is motivating me to continue to send out cards each month.


14. Blog every day for a whole month - I technically did this for the month of January (with this post), although I want to do it again because it just kind of happened and had no real thought or plan behind it. Being the list person that I am I really want to have a month packed full of inspiring posts, cards, layouts, and other projects to share on the blog-o which results in some planning and time. January I knew was a crazy month so I didn't have enough time to really invest in it.

26. Go snowboarding with the fam (even though I hate snow) - Went boarding with my "work family" for a team outing. Since I hate the snow and really may not ever repeat this again, I'm calling it complete. You can view the photo in my Project 365 on 1/12.

So there you go...2 complete and 4 in progress. Some I can't do until later this year (summer outings), but #15. Complete all challenges from the 52 More Scrapbook Challenges book (39 left)........I really need to get working on! Roughly 4 layouts a month if I start working on them in February...gotta get busy!

Anyway, I hope that seeing my progress helps motivate you as you're working on your goals or resolutions for this year.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 35: 1/16-1/29

Catching up from last week so my post today will feature the past two weeks worth of Project 365.

1-16 Jake and the kids spent the day playing video games while I worked on some projects. Call of Duty Black Ops, Lego Indiana Jones and WWE Smack Down vs Raw were the games of choice.

1-17 Down 14 pounds since June. My pants are starting to get pretty baggy which I have a love/hate relationship with right now. Love that I can tell I'm losing weight, but hate that I have to replace all my pants now. ;)

1-18 Four cards went in the mail and one was hand delivered. One was for Jake's grandma and she called me a few days later to thank me for the card. She said she got it on a day when she was really down and it was the perfect thing to cheer her up!

1-19 Daddy/Daughter ski and snowboard date at The Canyons. They had a blast and Gwynie can't wait to go snowboarding next time.

1-20 Pretty view over the mountains when we got home that night. I couldn't believe it was almost 6pm and it was still so light outside. Sure sign that Spring is on it's way!

1-21 Jake surprised me with flowers the night before. I had actually posted to FB "Some days I feel just like Drew Barrymore's character in 50 First Dates....Jake makes me fall more and more in love with him each day. I'm a lucky girl." and that night he brought me home these. He actually hadn't seen the post between wrestling practice and running to the store so it was even more special that I had posted that earlier in the evening. :)

1-22 Brady's birthday party! He turned 8 on the 21st and had a bowling birthday party. Sharon made him a wrestling cake, he loved it!

1-23 Chef Gwynie wearing the apron from Great Grandma LaNetta. She put together a menu of everything Brady and his friend that stayed the night could order off of. Their breakfast consisted of oranges, cereal and toast, and then she made mac-n-cheese for lunch. She will most definitely be a better cook than I am!

1-24 Siiiiicckkkk. Soooo, soooo sick. Nausea, pounding headache and sore throat. Worst two days I've had in awhile.

1-25 Just something that I love in my house - my Scentsy. Currently burning Sugar Cookie, one of my favorite scents. Remember Fried Ice Cream? They discontinued it awhile back but still to this day is my absolute favorite scent. I have 3 burners in my house and one in my them!

1-26 Satin! Purchased 1/4 of a yard in these three colors so I could practice a new technique I'd read about. Coming up in a review and I'll share more later.

1-27 Roxy! Love this little kitty cat! She is such a snuggler lately at night and loves to lay half on me and half on my laptop when I'm working on things.

1-28 The best thing to wake up to in the morning! Jake does an early shift during wrestling season so was able to leave this little note on the bathroom mirror for me to find that morning. He's my best friend and I love this guy a lot!

1-29 You're thinking what's up with this blurry picture right? I was honestly shaking so bad after this match that I couldn't get a better shot, haha! One of the reasons why I love it though, blurriness and all, is because there is a story behind it. The Stallions wrestled at Regions and this was Logan's 2nd Region Title...which is why he held up two fingers. The match was tied 2-2 and they went into overtime. Logan got the takedown meaning he scored the first point so he won, but not before making all of us almost pass out and die of anxiety! ;)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wrestling and 29 things

I had planned on posting today an update of where I'm at on my 29 things list, but ran out of time this morning since it's Regions wrestling today. Posting from my iPad as I'm watching the finals so I thought I would share a few things while I'm waiting for the next few matches to come up for our team and then do a real post with my updates tomorrow as I catch up on Project 365.

There are four kids in the finals from Stansbury that are competing for 1st/2nd place. So far the first wrestler from our team at 112 did take 1st and it was a crazy match. I was shaking pretty hard after it was all said and done! This was his second region title and since he's only a sophomore its a pretty big deal. It went into overtime, where in that case the first person to score wins. Meaning, get a takedown, which can be harder than it sounds when your adrenaline and nerves are going crazy! Not that I know from first hand experience, but I can imagine after watching a couple of ot matches. ;) After he won he held up two fingers to represent his second title, and I totally missed the shot because I was shaking so hard haha!! Afterwards I told his dad that if I felt that way watching his sons match I will probably pass out in 6 years when Brady starts wrestling in high school!

Annnndddd a few minutes later we have another wrestler, our 135, in 1st place!! These last two kids are some of jakes "favorite" wrestlers so it was amazing to see them win and bring home the region titles in their weight classes. ;) we still have our 160 and our 215 to go so it's still going to be another hour or so. After this we're headed off to a friends house to celebrate his birthday and play some wii andkinectdance games. ;) hope you areallhaving great weekend andiwillbeback tomorrow with lots of stuff and pictures!

Friday, January 28, 2011


It's CHA! Wish I was there, but it's high school Regions for wrestling this weekend so we'll be cheering on the team and supporting Jake tomorrow!

Can't make it to CHA either? Well take a look at the stamps on sale at Skipping Stones Design right now! Plus, if you were a newsletter subscriber you got a code in your email today to save an extra 20% off those already reduced savings! Sweet!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Craft Carnival

It's that time of year! Check out this post on Craft Critique to get all the deets on linking up your Valentine's Day/Love projects!

PS - This whole blogging every day thing would be so much easier if I wasn't sick... Feeling much better today, but still not 100%. Have a lot going on this weekend so hopefully I can tackle it all and get a ton done! ;)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PSA Stamps

Almost missed posting today...I have been soooo sick for the last two days. Gwynie had it last week and I was really hoping that none of us would get it. Unfortunately I wound up getting it and spent the last two days being nauseous, as well as having a pounding headache and sore throat. Luckily I think I'm past the worst of it.
Didn't have much crafting time this weekend so I'm sharing the cards that I created when I was writing my review for PSA Essentials. Loved stamping with these cute sets!

For all these cards I used some patterned paper from last years SAB paper pack, Chocolate Chip cardstock along with coordinating colors, and my new PTI dies to make some fun layers.

Taken with Teal and Daffodil Delight

Pink Pirouette and Pretty in Pink

Regal Rose and Rose Red

The first one is probably my favorite, I just loved those colors together!

Here's the whole trio together!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome to another SSD sketch Tuesday! This is our last sketch from our super talented Guest Sketch Artist this month, Amy Sheffer! We've loved having Amy and our Guests, they have been so phenomenal!

I used one of my favorite sets Cupcake Cutie for a bright and colorful card! The sentiment is from Sentiment Frames #1. I cheated on the banner portion, but loved how the ribbon brought the colors together.

Now, there are some other fun things going on at Skipping Stones Design right now!

1. We are offering free shipping enter "freeship" at check out...this is good on international orders as well as domestic.

2. If you haven't signed up for the SSD Newsletter yet, make sure you do today! On Thursday there will be a special coupon code given ONLY to subscribers. It is an exclusive offer just for those who get our you NEED to sign up now!

Make sure to visit the other "Stamp Tramps" to see what they created, or visit the SSD Blog!
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Monday, January 24, 2011

PSA Essentials Stamps Vendor Review!

My review of PSA Essentials stamps is up at Craft Critique today! You can view the review and some of the fun cards I created with these adorable stamps HERE, and make sure to leave a comment on the article at CC as there is a givewaway! I'll be back later this week to share the cards and more details on them.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hawaiian Birthday Blessing

Happy Birthday Ann!

Ann is a fellow Stamp Tramp with me for Skipping Stones Design and I jumped at the chance to join in on the fun to celebrate and wish Ann a very happy birthday! If you're following along on this fun birthday blog hop, you should have come from Dana's blog.

Ann is a master of lots of layers and uses gorgeous patterned papers in such an elegant and classy way on her cards, but I'm a pretty clean and simple kind of gal so I went minimal on my card. Because, well I know I can't imitate her signature style! ;)

I used the stamp set Tropical Birthday to create this funny birthday card for Ann! It cracks me up and I'm sure will bring a smile to her today! Happy birthday Ann, hope you love your card! Now that you've seen it I can toss it in the mail tomorrow! :)

I'm at the end of the birthday hop, but if you'd like to see more birthday cards in Ann's honor (and be totally inspired along the way!), make sure to start at Karen's blog!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

You Go Girl!

A quickie card that will be going in the mail to Katie Renz on Monday. You can read about Katie's story on her blog as she battles Stage 4 Gastric Cancer, and you can donate here at Craft Critique.

I used Cancer Schmancer by Skipping Stones Design to send her a message to Kick Cancer's Booty! It's tough to know what to say during such a tough time like this, but I think this will bring a smile to her face. You go girl!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Brady!

My little guy is 8 today (as of 10 minutes ago)! I can't quite believe it. Time has certainly flown by....

January 21st, 2003

2nd Grade
He has my nose, Jake's eyes, and the angel kiss on his neck that I passed on which I got from my Dad... I have a million pictures I could plaster all over here from his baby and toddler days that would make you ohh and ahh but I'll limit myself to just these two...then and now. :)
He's all boy and has a current obsession with Call of Duty: Black Ops. He wants to be a Monster Truck Driver when he grows up - that or a Pro Skateboarder or a BMX rider. Anything hardcore or dangerous he's into and it's a proven fact that he'll love it, or want to try it out.
He has a heart of gold, loves animals and never fails to make us all laugh at any given moment. He wants to build a hotel for animals one day and has a master plan of all the perks the animals would get. He has this crazy infectious giggle that makes me laugh and want to keep him giggling just so I can hear the sound of it. He and Gwynie have the CUTEST matching dimples on their left cheeks...melts my heart.
He tries my patience and can be a whiner, and sometimes I wonder what in the world posesses him to do such crazy stunts or try such wild things. But I realize, he's a boy and that's what boys do. So I let him be a boy because that's what Mom's are supposed to do.
Happy birthday Brady! You made our family complete the day you were born and I'm so proud to be your Mom. Love you lots little man.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

CHA Sneak Peeks

So, are you all excited about CHA? Or are you wondering, what in the world is CHA? Take a look at this post here on Craft Critique. I've been compiling sneak peeks and we just posted some new stuff!
So tell me, out of all of those sneak peeks, what's your favorite?!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Butterfly Thanks

Went a little crazy with challenges on this card, but everything seemed to just fit so well together that it worked...and I was glad. ;)

First up, the sketch was from Card Patterns, the color scheme was inspired by Cupcake Inspirations, and the theme "Thank You" is from Crazy 4 Challenges. Whew, see that was a lot!

And here is the end result....

Used the new Heartsong set for the background, sentiment, and butterfly. Used gray instead of black and love these colors together for a somewhat soft look.

Still kind of can't believe that I've now blogged 19 days in a row...I think it's a record. Well on my way to crossing off #14 on my 29 Things list.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fabulous Dahling!

It's Tuesday and that means it's time for another SSD Sketch Tuesday! This week the DT and our Guests are working with the newly released Birthday Purses!

Loved this sketch from our super talented Guest Sketch Artist this month, Amy Sheffer!

I absolutely love brown with just about any color out there. I use a lot of brown, or hues/shades of brown in my cards, but interstingly enough I don't wear a lot of brown. Lots of black, gray and a few pops of color are in my wardrobe. ;)

Anyway, I had this paper pack from Basic Grey and loved the white, blue and brown combo of this paper. There's also a sneak peek of Pumpkin Seed Sentiments on the first blue strip that is being released next month!

Paper pieced the purse, and the cute crochet flower was made for me by my sis Laci. She sent me a ton of crocheted flowers and I sent her a ton of die cut was an awesome deal! ;) Topped it off with a small corduroy brad.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday

A quickie card today giving a sneak peek at a stamp set being released next month by Skipping Stones DesignSSD. This set is called Pumpkin Seed Sentiments, and is inspired by the quilting pattern (and where it gets its namesake) Pumpkin Seeds. This set combines three backgrounds and some great text sentiments that is sure to work for both masculine and feminine cards! Can't wait until the release next month!

I used the colors from The Color Dare challenge this week for Poppy Parade (substituted Real Red), So Saffron and Very Vanilla.

The Saffron base was dry embossed with an impression plate and my Big Shot. The background stamp is accentuated with the ribbon, sentiment and punched out butterflies (MS punch). A bright and cheery little birthday card!

So Saffron, Real Red, Very Vanilla
Ink: So Saffron, Real Red
Stamps: Pumpkin Seed Sentiments (released in February)
Misc: Impression plate, Real Red grosgrain ribbon, MS royal butterfly punch

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 365: 1/9-1/15

Week two of Project 365.

Sunday 1/9 to Saturday 1/15

1-9 - Jake and Brady went to an archery tourament at the Deseret Peak Complex to shoot with the club he's in - Stansbury Oquirrh Bowmen. Jake's Mom and Dad helped organize the event and gave Jake and Brady these hats since, "They don't shoot Hoyt bows." ;)

1-10 - All the laundry I washed on Sunday, and had to fold and put away on least favorite household chore. If you couldn't tell.

1-11 - Brady wanted to color some Monster Truck pictures, and got us all involved. He even brought out the trucks so we could see their actual colors, ha.

1-12 - Snowboarding/Skiing with my CL family! Team outing for our department which was tons of fun! We had a lot of laughs - unloading our stuff at valet, the guy who wanted our empty cups, losing one of the passes and the hilarity associated with that...only Jenn, Cammie and Alexa will get all that though, but great team outing! ;)

PS - #26 on my 29 Things list is being officially crossed off with this outing. I didn't specify which family. ;)

1-13 - Brady's 100% pre-test taken the night before his real test. Good job bud! Gwynie always gets 100... so never wants to practice with me. ;)

1-14 - Sorting cards...part 1 of just one basket of cards. So many cards... Need to sort through to mail some to friends/family and then figure out what to do with the rest

1-15 - Guiness World Record event! We built 1,279 snowmen which surpassed our goal of 1000 in 1 hour. We had an awesome turn out and even better we donated $2 for every snowman built to Youth Making a Diffrence, a local organization here in Salt Lake. Way to go CLEARLINK - and my cute kiddos!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

World Record Breaker!

I helped set a Guiness World Record today, what did you do this fine Saturday? ;)

We reached our 1000 snowmen in an hour and actually surpassed that goal! The official count was 1279!! Even better, we teamed up with a local organization Youth Making a Difference and for every snowman built we donated $2!

This event has been in the planning stages for two months, and I'm so glad we pulled it off! Take a look at some of the photos below, it was a blast!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Men are like purses....

This week SSD released two fun new sets, Heartsong and Birthday Purses! Make sure you check out the Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Sale going on right now!

Here is a simple little card with Birthday Purses...the sentiment cracks me up!

CS: Marina Mist, Basic Gray, Daffodil Delight, Whisper White
Ink: Basic Black, Marina Mist, Daffodil Delight, Basic Gray
Stamps: Birthday Purses
Misc: Mat Stak #1 die, Jumbo Eyelet border punch, gem, dimensionals

Thursday, January 13, 2011

KISSing with your stamps!

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing a fun tutorial over at SSD on Stamp Kissing! This is a fun techinique that allows you to really maximize your stamps and give them a whole new look! I'm sure a lot of you have already tried this technique before but if not, let's get started! There are a few different variations on how to "Kiss" and today I'll be doing a really simple technique, but I have a video that shows you four different techniques at the bottom of this post.

The only supplies you need for this technique are a solid stamp, a background/texture stamp and your ink pad. Today I'm using the bird from Garden Stamp Kiss and the woodgrain from Grunge. Garden Stamp Kiss comes with three different designs to "kiss" to the bird and butterfly in the set, but I love combining my sets for some creative and unique looks!

In this version going to start by inking the background stamp, and leave the solid image uninked. Normally you would do it the other way around, but in this case I want to focus more on the background/texture design, and have a soft outline of the solid stamp. (You'll see the difference in the video!)

"Kiss" together your solid stamp with the inked background stamp.

Gently lift up to reveal the pattern the solid stamp has picked up.

Huff (breathe onto it) to moisten the stamp.

Stamp onto your cardstock and.........

You're left with the solid image stamp, but which now has a pattern to it!

Using this bird I created a Happy Birthday card.

Here's another card I created using the bird and one of the background images in Garden Stamp Kiss and is the second and third technique demonstrated in the video. The script on the flowers is also from the Garden Stamp Kiss set, and the frilly ribbon border is a stamp from the Frills set.

Now to really step up your "Kissing" techniques and other ways you can use your stamps, take a look at this video Heather created! You can see her finished cards in this post here.