Friday, December 31, 2010

29 Things Before I'm 30.....and a giveaway!

**STAMP giveaway at the bottom, but you have to read through it all for it to make sense, kay?!

Yep I'm the big 2-9 today! I know, I know, hardly so old at all, but this is the last year of my twenties. I hear 30 is the new 20 and all my friends are doing it, so it can't be all that bad right? ;)

I saw on a bloggie friends post a couple weeks ago a list of things she wanted to do before she turned 28...a list of 27 things. Thanks for the awesome idea Katy! So being the goal setting and list loving person that I am, I decided to do a list for myself. Some are a little silly, some are meaningful, some I really hope to accomplish and some are there just to get me to do them. Some goals will make me stretch and while others may seem easy, well it's all about making the time to actually do them.

I'm giving myself from today until the end of next year on my birthday to finish the list. Sort of fitting that my birthday is the last day of the year so it feels like I have an entire and complete full year with this list. Which I actually do (and you could too!). I like it. Plus, it totally works for those New Years resolutions that usually go right out the window after January.
So I present to you.....

29 Things Before I'm 30

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. – Mark Twain

1. Project 365
2. Renew our vows for our 10 year anniversary
3. Go on a cruise for our 10 year anniversary (August 2011)
4. Get a passport
5. Complete Couch to 5k program
6. Run in a 5k
7. Lose 10 pounds
8. Read at least one book a month
9. Get a new tattoo
10. Take a cake decorating class
11. One day without technology…NONE, not even texts/phone calls/tv, etc.
12. 40 bags in 40 days - (March 9th to April 23rd)
13. Plan and attend 2nd annual Girlfriends Getaway
14. Blog every day for a whole month
15. Complete all challenges from the 52 More Scrapbook Challenges book (39 left)
16. Print pictures through June 2010
17. Learn how to can and make Jake’s Grandma’s fruit cocktail and salsa
18. Go on at least one road trip this year
19. Buy Someone Like You for my bf Sara and mail it with a letter telling her how much she means to me
20. Start geocaching with Jake and the kids
21. Find 10 geocaches this summer
22. Redecorate Gwynie’s room
23. Redecorate Brady’s room
24. Buy a freaking pair of glasses so I don’t wear my contacts all the time
25. Attend at least 5 sporting events
26. Go snowboarding with the fam (even though I hate snow)

I'm hoping that I can update here often (or sporadically as the case may be) as I check off goals, cross things off my list, and feel that sense of accomplishment as I tackle each item. I really hope that I can stay focused on this all year long, ha!

But, did you notice the list is not complete? That's where you come in, with my next piece of fun! I have a stamp set to giveaway, and for your comment I want to know what can I add to my goal list! I have three spaces open, and I may leave them open until something really good comes up, but I'd like to fill it in now if all possible.

So, to win my favorite SSD stamp set Cupcake Cutie, (which totally fits for a birthday giveaway!) simply leave me a comment about your New Years goals, or something I can add to my list! You can leave comments up until Wednesday, January 5th, and I will announce the winner on the 6th! Hopefully I'll be able to fill you in on those last three goals at that time too. :)

Have a wonderful New Years Eve and take care!



Della said...

Happy Birthday Kandi! Love ya!

craftymom205 said...

How about to scrapbook your pictures from June of 2010. Spend more time with family.

Melissa said...

Love it! Obviously you won't be able to complete #11 and #14 on the same day! :)

Something that I want to try for the new year is to make a special day for each of my kids. We are going to have one day (other than their birthday) that is Tanner's Day and one that is Parker's day! I want to make it so I have an entire day to completely commit to my kids individually and make wonderful memories that we can hold in our hearts forever. It may just be going to the park and playing chess with Parker or sitting in my craft room with Tanner and cutting with the Cricut, but it will be one on one time all about them for an entire day.

Have a Happy New Year and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Lesley from WI said...

Happy Birthday! One of my goals is to keep my craft room clean after each project. I am someone who likes to be organized and it drives me crazy when things get out of control. Happy New Year!

Laura {aka scrapaddict} said...

Happy Birthday, Kandi! Ok, I would have a MUCH longer list....just say' But my one and only goal this year is to clean up my craft space......that means going thru all the old stuff I KNOW I won't use, and finding it a good home (like the local grade school art class or afterschool program).

Jana said...

Happy Birthday! If you get through your list I think you deserve a special day just for you. My suggestion is a spa day to pamper yourself. You earned it!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Kandi....what a fabulous idea!!!

My number one goal for 2011 is to read/listen to the entire Bible this year.

My second goal ( resolution) is to keep my dresser in my bedroom organized. I have a tendency to pile dirty or clean clothes all over it. Makes my bedroom look horrible.

I don't know if you like to cook or what your meal times are like, but I always strive to have an organized grocery list, determined by the meals I have planned to cook. Plan to cook being the key word. It saves on spending needlessly.

Happy Birthday again & Happy New Year!!!

Gladys said...

Way to go Kandi! 29 things to do for this whole year! it's going to be a busy year! Happy Birthday to you!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! One of my
"to do's" this year is to actually send some of my handmade cards! Another one is to try to sell them...I have them running out of my ears right now! Love your simple design to your cards! Happy New Year!

Lillian Child said...

Pick an evening of the week that works best for your fmaily, and call it "new recipe night". Have the kids help in preparing the new recipe and they will be more willing to try it.

Jessica Wekenman said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I have a few crafting goals in 2011, one is to participate in more challenges! I love that little Cupcake Cutie stamp set and would love to win! Thanks so much for the chance and Happy New Year!

Papertrails by a paper lover said...

Happy birthday! Love your 29 things to do before you turn 30. Wishing the best and now going back to ogle your red butterfly cad! Gorgeous! My goal is to organize my scrapping stuff.