Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reporter Call (& a Shark!)

Tomorrow is the deadline for submitting to become a reporter for Craft Critique! If you have ever thought about reviewing the products you love and use then now is your chance!

In other fun news I just had to share what Jake and Brady were up to today! They went out with my Dad, Uncle, and brother-in-law Josh on Mom and Dad's boat and went fishing out in the Gulf of Mexico! The guys have been catching baby sharks (3 feet) the past few weekends and Brady has been so excited to catch a real shark! The kid is fascinated by everything (I'm not kidding - he's 7 and watches the History Channel over cartoons!) and is of course super fascinated with sharks. Brady was the only one to catch a shark this time (all by himself too!!) and I was so glad that he did! We never would have heard the end of it if he didn't! ;)

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~amy~ said...

Wow!!!! A shark?!!!! Super!!!