Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quick Update

I wanted to share a link that my Aunt and family have been updating with progress on my cousins after the tragic car accident last week that claimed the life of my cousin Whitney.
It's amazing to me that a week ago at this time I was in Colorado Springs going between two different hospitals, feeling so much pain and anguish, and trying to comfort the family members around me. I now wake up every morning and thank heaven for my kiddos, my incredible husband, and my amazing family members.
Yesterday was the funeral service, and although we didn't get to attend, I know it was a beautiful service. Reading the Guest Book from their blog touches my heart and those "good/happy tears" slide down my checks and make my throat ache.

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Barb's Boys said...

Oh Kandi, I'm glad your two cousins are beginning to heal and it is so nice they are able to be in the same room. That site Caring Bridge is a great tool, that's the one they use for Lennon Hunt, the four year old with cancer.