Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Family Photos

So last week was hectic and sad, but then I came home to my family and our company party and the start of Corporate Games (so much more on that later!). One of the cool things we had at the company party (Jake and I work together, sweet huh?) was photographers to do family portraits. We'll be getting copyright releases so we can have these printed and I am so stoked!! We had some great shots, wish we would have done more (haha) and some individuals of the kids, but I love them!! Below is a link to a video Emilie our photographer put together of some of the families. She did them alphabetically, so we are around the 1:58 to the 2:12 mark. I cannot wait for two more weeks to get the cd's so I can print a ton of these up for our families! So stinkin excited for these! I do have my favorites, but I'll let you guess which ones those are. ;)

Photo By Emilie .: Clearlink Summer Party


Della said...

Great pics! I love how all of you match. I can't wait to have one of these in my livingroom!

Barb's Boys said...

Wow, she's really good! What a great opportunity!