Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My sis is so awesome!

My younger sis Laci (not in my sidebar she doesn't have a crafty blog yet - must work on that!) uploaded a video today that was a Crafty Spring Cleaning vid. I was so impressed by it that I uploaded it to Create It Green here! You can watch her video, and she has links for the crochet patterns she used.

Here is what Laci had to say about her video - I am constantly trying to think of ways to save money and of course reduce waste. Here I take scrap yarn to make two easy projects that will reduce cost and waste!

I figured I would go ahead and post her video here anyways though, cause she is just so awesome! I love that my family is so crafty too, but we all have our different things! :)


Della said...

I can't wait to start using these Earth friendly, and money wise cleaning accessories! Makes a mom proud to have such environmentally conscious girls! :)

shari said...

I love your sisters video. What great tips, I'm going to try the dryer tip. And the gloves, beautiful!!!! Shari (cricutrookie)