Friday, April 9, 2010

I Never Knew...

One more day until the full Commit 2 Paper Inspiration Squad reveal! Yesterday I showed you a layout about Gwynie, and today I have one of Brady that mimics the journaling from her page.

Again, I am using journaling that isn't specific to the event, etc., but I am telling my story about these pictures through the journaling. Its really been a fun experience to try, and take myself out of my box.

I can say over and over, a thousand times, how much I love my children. They are my greatest accomplishment, and bring so much joy to our lives. Although they can be trying at times (what kid isn't, right?!), I cherish every moment, every smile, and every laugh. My kids are so alike, but amaze me everyday with how different girls are from boys! Those of you that have a boy and girl will probably know what I'm talking about! ;) This layout is about those differences.

The journaling reads:

I never knew having a boy would change my life so much! Instead of Barbies, tea parties, and painting nails, its Nascar, Monster Trucks, and anything involving you getting messy! I also never knew my heart could grow so much and hold an all encompassing love for you. You bring so much fun and laughter into our family. We wouldn't want it any other way - mess and all!

Ok, now for some other interesting stuff! Well maybe not interesting, but I'm going to tell you anyways, you can just choose to read or not! I left a job I enjoyed, a company I respected, and co-workers that I adored for a new opportunity. Yesterday was my first day at my new job, and it was a great day! Change can be hard, but sometimes you have to embrace that change! Which brings me to my next point...I had wanted to cut my hair again. My profile pic was taken last September shortly after I'd hacked off 10 inches and dyed it brown instead of keeping up my highlights. So its grown quite a bit since then, and I was thinking of going super short but had talked myself out of it. Wellll...apparently the stylist made up my mind for me! Instead of just below the shoulders (like I asked for), it ended up waaaaay above the shoulders!

Here, see what I mean...



Yikes! Its barely past my chin now! Big difference, super short, but its ok. Hair grows. Change can be a good thing. Its just all about how you perceive it, and how you choose to deal with it. Embrace it people! ;)

All supplies came from the April C2P kit unless otherwise noted

I Never Knew...
April Commit 2 Paper kit
Misc: SU Scallop Edge border punch, Zig Marker, brown Thickers, Chocolate Chip stitched ribbon


Della said...

It's a cute cut on you! Love Bady's layout, too btw! I think you may look younger with it shorter? Maybe I'm just used to Kandi w/ longer hair! I dunno, it's definitely different, looks good though!

kT said...

yay for short hair! i cut mine off like once every other year or so. it's refreshing. like being a new person.

love the layout ;)

Barb's Boys said...

Kandi I love it! It is so modern, and you wear it so well! Cute, Cute, Cute...

thescrapmaster said...

Aw, your hair looks GREAT!!

angry-amy said...

love the new 'do.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your hair!!!!

kathy z.
pikefish from LJ

ps...found your blog :P