Friday, March 5, 2010

School Pages Complete! ;)

HA! I did it! ;) I love that little sense of accomplishment when I can cross something off my To-Do list. I am a huge list maker, which I totally get from both my parents, so I tend to be a little crazy when it comes to my lists. Sooooo I was glad to cross this thing off my have the kids finish the journaling on their school pages layouts! I mentioned last week that I needed to get it done so yes, very nice to call it complete!

Also, you'll see below (and in the original posts with the double pages) that I like to keep the layout the same. It just adds a cohesiveness from year to year, plus makes it easy for me to know what I'm going to do each time. No need to reinvent the wheel right?

Here is my original post last week for the Kindergarten page below. You can see I had Brady add his favorite things (with a little help from me).

This is a close up of the journaling. We were running out of room so I wrote a few for him, and totally messed up #9 by writing the favorite before the Book. Oops! Oh well, I still love it and I know we will have so much fun looking back at it.

It cracked me up to listen to some of his answers, most were obvious, but I laugh everytime he tells me Meatloaf is his favorite food. Jake doesn't like it and since he always does the cooking, its a treat when I actually make Meatloaf for me and the kids. Crazy right? ;)

This one I actually finished awhile ago, after 3rd grade for Gwynie, but I thought I would show it since originally in this post I hadn't had Gwynie journal it yet.

Here is the journaling close up which is fun to compare to the next one below! You can see how much her handwriting has changed from each year. Plus, her list has some funny answers - like her favorite holiday is her birthday (hahahaha)!

And the original post for this page can be found here. When Brady did his journaling I had Gwynie do hers right after. Two for one. ;) Her writing has gotten so small that I had her keep adding things to her list to take up that huge square I gave her!

And the close up - can you believe she is a Lefty? Well, she is pretty much ambidextrous really. She writes and eats left handed, but golfs and plays softball right handed....yes weird I know. ;) Jakes older brother is a Lefty so we always tease that they have to eat by each other, otherwise they elbow the rest of us, hehe.

This is so fun to look back on! Her birthday is still her favorite holiday, pink is still her fav color, but its now HOT pink, she still loves reading and hates MATH! Currently, she loves the Twilight books, playing The Sims 3, she is addicted to her cell phone, and thinks a porshe is her favorite car because of this story since Jake took each of the kids for a spin in the 2010 Cayman!

Alright, well I hoped you enjoyed this, and give this a try with your own scrapbooks if you still have little ones! Its a great way to scrapbook those school pictures, document their current likes/dislikes and capture their handwriting and personality that year! I didn't start this until Gwynie was in 2nd grade, but I'm glad I started it when I did at least. If you try this, or if you've done it before (because I'm slow to jump on this awesome idea, hehe), I'd love to see it! :)


Haidee said...

This is a great idea to have your kids write their own!!!

Barb's Boys said...

These are adorable-I love your idea of having the kids write their own journaling so they can look back and see their own handwriting.

Melissa said...

I absolutely LOVE this school LO's!

Kandi, I have chosen you as one of my blog award winners! Please stop by my blog to pick up your award!

Melissa said...

Oops! That should have read....

"these school LO's!" not "this" :-(

Lisa said...

Hi Kandi my name is Lisa or Scrappingpinklady. Im on the design team for Your Memories Here and that is how I found your blog. I just wanted to say that I love your school page layouts! I would love to know what paper used for the one for your son? I love the rulers on it. It would be perfect for my 2 youger boys. I have 4 boys but dont think my older ones would like it. You can contact me at my blog or by email Thanks