Thursday, March 18, 2010

Craft Critique!

Ok, I can now tell you the secret I've been keeping for awhile! I am going to be a Staff Reporter for Craft Critique!! I love reading and writing, and toss in the fact that you review crafty products....well I am just so excited about this opportunity!

I applied back in November, and they made their decisions in February. My first article (that I wrote when I applied for it) will be up on the site either this week or next. I'll post a link here when its live. They will also post short bios about the new reporters as well. I've already picked out my next topic, and I'm thrilled to be reviewing it. So, any crafty products out there you want info on before you invest in it? You can always make suggestions at Craft Critique!

PS - It's time for the Spring Carnival at Craft Critique! Have you made a Spring project? Hop on over to get the info about submitting your project, and you will be in the line up! Today is the last day to email your links (by 6pm CST) so hop to it! I'd love to see your Spring inspired projects!


PenLight said...

Congratulations Kandi, that's awesome!!

Barb's Boys said...

That is just so cool! I love it! Can't wait to read your article, your blog is always so entertaining!

Robin's Creative Cottage said...

Congratulations Kandi!!!! What an awesome opportunity, you will be great at that I just know it!

Haidee said...

Congrats!!! You must be so excited!!

thescrapmaster said...

That is great sweetie!!!