Friday, March 19, 2010

Commit 2 Paper!

Sometimes I think I'm crazy....other times I know I am. You might think I'm crazy for joining another Design Team, but I am super pumped! ;) Since my term with CIG will end soon, I wanted to fill in something with scrapbooking. I have long admired Amy's work, and have watched her grow her own scrapbooking kit business. Next month marks her two year anniversary starting Commit 2 Paper, and I couldn't be happier to join her Inspiration Squad! (Yay I'm on the page, haha!)

I'll be working with the April kit this weekend so I'll be back on the 15th of April (or around there) to share all my layouts! I got my kit last night and I was so inspired by it that I've finished two layouts already! The rest of the IS will have theirs uploaded as well on the Inspiration Squad Gallery! (Take a look at what they've done with the March kit!!)

Also, C2P is having a sale on all of the older kits! All 2008 and 2009 kits are $10 each and you pay just $12 shipping for every 4th kit! So take a look and check them out! And just so you know, I'm paying for all of my own kits (along with the rest of the Inspiration Squad girls), so I'm not just feeding you a line about how awesome these kits are! :)

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