Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blog Award!

I always say that papercrafters are the sweetest bunch, and here's more proof! ;)

I was so touched that I received this award from two different people! Wow! You have to check out their blogs, SO MUCH eye candy! I received this Beautiful Blogger Award from Melissa and PenLight! Melissa has some incredible Disney World layouts (can you believe she has gone every year since she was 2?!) that I am definitely going to turn to when I finally get around to scrapping our visit from last year. ;) Pen has played along with some Just Buggin challenges and has made me laugh with her cute pun cards. She has such a fun sense of humor with her cards and builds some beautiful scene cards! So go check them out! Thanks girls!

The rule: Write 10 things about yourself others might not know and pass the award on to 10 others.

So, part of the award is to tell 10 facts about yourself and then award some other bloggers. I decided that I wanted to do some random and funny facts about myself, since, well, I am a totally random person! ;)

1. I cut the tags out of all of my shirts because I can't stand the irritation of the tags rubbing on my skin. I read a long time ago that this was a first born thing, but so far Gwynie doesn't have any issues so who knows.

2. I met Jake in college...I was dating his roommate. ;)

3. My Senior year of high school we dissected fetal pigs, and I named my pig JAKE because I liked that name....coincidence????

4. My real name is really just Kandi. Its not short for anything and yes, its spelled uniquely. My parents suggested I go by my middle name, Michelle, when I started middle school because I was teased constantly for my name in elementary. I decided that I really am a "Kandi" and stuck with it.

5. I think "Whatever!" is the best word to end a fight with. I mean, really, what can you say to refute "Whatever!" ? Also, I am always right, even if I'm wrong, I'm always right. Just ask Jake.

6. I once babysat a pet monkey one summer when I was 14. Yes a monkey! She was a De Brazza's Guenon and was just an infant. She wore diapers (with a hole poked through the diaper for her tail!), drank bottles of milk, and took her baths in the sink. She even had her nap times and had a play pen. Long story short, it was probably the best job I ever had!

7. I LOVE to read! I read A LOT and I read quite fast (I can typically read a book a day). Sometimes its a I paper craft or read?! It can be a toss up! In 2009 I read 69 books, but I've only read 6 this year. (Totally slacking here!) I read everything from romance, young adult, science fiction, historicals, biographies, and anything inbetween that I find interesting. I keep everything updated on Goodreads and I have a widget in the bottom right hand corner if you ever wanted to see what I've been reading lately or what I read last year! Needless to say I have a HUGE list of books on my "To Read" list!

8. I have had my belly button pierced for almost 10 years now and I really do love it. I left it in during my pregnancy with Brady because I knew there was no way I'd ever get it repierced! Luckily it was fine, but I sure did get some funny looks from the nurses! ;)

9. I love watching sports with my husband. He tells me all the time he is so glad he married a chick that can have intelligent conversations about sports, and enjoys watching them as much as he does. It’s been said I know more Baseball rules than a friend of his. :)

10. My nickname is Kandi Pants. One of Jake's teammates when he was Wrestling in college gave me the nickname and it stuck! My friend Mel even has me listed in her phone as Kandi Pants. ;) Her and Jake are probably the only ones that still call me that, and I laugh everytime they do!

Now for the fun part, the bloggers I want to pass this award onto! And of course I have to be wordy, but I wanted to tell you what I LOVE about these bloggers!

1. Barb of Barb's Boys - Barb recently started her blog, and I am always blown away by her creations. She has such a clean style and always make everything look so seamless and polished! She has an eye for the details and always does such superb cards and layouts!

2. Sharon of Ladybug Designs - Sharon is a powerhouse of a card maker! She makes more cards than anyone I know! She always makes me think - "Wow, why didn't I think of that?!" with some of her innovative techniques and cute cards.

3. Courtney of Practicing Creativity - Courtney has such a fresh style that I am head over heels for. Everytime I look at one of her cards I feel like my eyes have been purified by a spring rain - yep that fresh!

4. Heidi of Artiql8 - I have scrappers envy when it comes to Heidi's awesome scrapbook pages. She does things I'd never dare to do, let alone even think of! She is sassy and spunky and it totally shows on her pages. If I could aspire to be a better scrapbooker I would start with trying to scraplift some of her totally rad pages.

5. Sammye Jo of 62 Cards - I would love to meet this girl! I bet we would be fast friends! SJ makes the most adorable cards and layouts, and I swear she is an enabler when I get a look at the product she's using! Make sure you look at her Dear Lizzy vs. Preschool page...she took a girly collection and made it work for her little guy! Genious!

6. Judy of Judys Card Making- Judy is a regular at the Just Buggin Challenges and I love seeing her take on the challenges each week! She always surprises me with her creativity using her Cricut and Design Studio, and offers several free cut files of her creations! How cool or what?!

7. Jan of Life in the Slow Lane - Jan does things with patterened paper that make my head spin! Talk about perfection! She incorporates several patterns onto one card and the outcome is stunning!

8. Erin of Inky Smiles - This girl is laugh out loud hilarious! You can get her personality by just reading her blog, and its incredible. Oh, and she makes awesome cards too. ;) She recently did a layout about early scrapbook pages and how we all start out somewhere. Erin, you are my hero, I can't wait to case that idea! ;)

9. Mary of My Cardz - Mary is like the Copic Goddess in my own humble opinion. ;) The coloring and detail she does takes my breath away, and makes my heart skip a beat. Yeah, that good!

And the best for last (hehe) is actually two people, but I'm couting them as one because they are my family! ;) My Mom and youngest sister!

10. Della of Getting My Life Back One Bead at a Time and Shae of Shae's Random Musings. My Mom has Lupus and other auto immune diseases, so her blog is a way to talk about coping with and living with that, as well as to show the jewelery she makes. I love reading my Mom's blog since we all live so far apart and sometimes you forget to talk about the everyday stuff even when you have 1-2 hour long conversations at least once a week. ;) Plus I get peeks at things she's making for the kids, but she's good about not revealing anything for me, dang it! ;)My youngest sis is like a crafting guru or something like that. She will try a craft at least once! I showed her the basics of cross stitching last January and she has done some incredible pieces since then! We are pretty much polar opposites, but she has a fun streak and I love to see what she'll make next. Its always guaranteed to be mildly inappropriate (snicker) and funny. ;)

Sorry that was totally long, but I just wanted to let each of these ladies know how wonderful they are! Its always so nice to get compliments and I wanted to show them my appreciation! ;)


Della said...

You are such a sweetheart! I'm sitting here feeling all "lonesome in my throat" and wanting to cry.Thank you so much! I love you, Bug.

Melissa said...

Kandi, I love how you individually spoke about each and every blog and blogger that you awarded. What a nice touch.

....and thanks for the kind comments about my blog. I love visiting yours each and every day.

Lucy said...

Love your blog-I have been following using Googlereader (which I recommend to all). Anyway, I just tried goodreads that you mentioned and I'm pretty sure I'm loving it!
I have tried various ways to keep track of what I've read but haven't been too successful. This even has an import/export feature.
It looks great--thanks!

mycardz said...

OMGoodness! THank you, thank you, thank you. That was sooooooo very nice of you to include me in your choices for this award. I feel so honored. You're awesome! I'll get to work on this weekend to pass along. BIG hugz, Mary

Judy said...

Kandi! This is an honor to receive this award from you. You really wrote good words about all of us. You are a good writer too. Thanks so much for thinking of me. I received this award from another blogger last week. I will try to post it this weekend. You have a great weekend!

mE said...

Oh Kandi!

I have enjoyed reading this "getting to know you" post! It's fun to read things that are not just all about crafts, but about YOU :)

Thank you for such kind words! You make-a me blush, girlie!

I've got a lot goign on this week,b ut I am going to try to get some awards awarded.. tee hee :)

Inky Smiles!

Ladybug Designs said...

Well, I must say--I am blushing. Thanks Kandi for choosing me as a beautiful blogger. You inspired me to begin, and I am lovin' every minute of it.